With roles in The Flash, and the recent X-Files miniseries, not to mention The Tomorrow People, and a recurring part in Alcatraz, Robbie Amell has positioned himself well as a young actor interested in making himself a linchpin of nerd culture. Of course, it’s a family trade. His cousin Stephen Amell is TV’s Green Arrow on Arrow, and will be appearing as Casey Jones in this summer’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. Still, this Amell had much to talk about, a lot of Flash memories, a new project with his cousin launching Tuesday, and, of course, being Mulder Jr. (so to speak) on The X-Files.

With the show still fresh in fans’ minds, the first question put to Amell was about The X-Files and the possibility that his character, Agent Miller, will be the subject of a spin-off. “I’ll tell you the whole story and I may get in trouble for it,” he explained. One of the original provisos of signing up for the show was his two episodes, plus a spin-off but, “I can’t just sign my life away as amazing as The X-Files is.”

Having said that though, Amell would love to come back for more, but his condition is an unusual one for a Hollywood leading man, he wants to keep playing second fiddle to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. “I would only do it if they were involved. They (the producers) are trying to schedule more episodes, but if they’re involved, I’m in. There was a seventh [episode] they didn’t shoot because of scheduling conflicts, so it ends on the biggest cliffhanger ever!”

More people though were interested in Amell’s time on The Flash, despite the fact that his character, Ronnie Raymond, keeps dying. “I’m the ‘Kenny’ of The Flash!” Amell joked referring to the perpetually doomed South Park character. “At least they bring me back. It’s upsetting, and I’d like to stick around for longer, and a lot of it is my availability and the character’s availability – there are a lot of mouths to feed [on the show] – but it’s really nice to go up there and play for a week or a couple of weeks at a time. But it’d really be nice not to die at the end.”

Amell had a particular fondness for playing the villain Ronnie, like he did on the recent Flash episode “Welcome to Earth-2.” “Deathstorm was more fun in a short period of time, but you’re overacting a bit when your a villain in that world,” he explained. “But if you give me the choice between a superhero and a villain, I would take the hero.”

One of Amell’s favorite parts about working on The Flash though has nothing to do with playing a hero or a villain, but enjoying the group of people on set that make the show happen. “I knew everybody better than [The Flash cast] did because it was everyone from the crew to The Tomorrow People,” Amell said referencing the show he did before The Flash. “That’s one of my favorite parts about going back to shoot The Flash because it feels like home.”

The Flash also offered Amell a chance at another reunion, with his The Hunters co-star Victor Garber, who was hired to play the other half of Firestorm, Martin Stein. “It’s an actor’s dream, and nightmare, because you’re doing a Victor Garber impression but he’s Victor Garber,” said Amell. He then hashed out with Garber over dinner how he was going to play Ronnie as possessed by Garber’s character Stein. “He said, ‘You can do whatever you want but I’m going to play the character the way I want to,” Amell remembered with a laugh. “He’s super sarcastic and super witty, but the nicest guy in the world and he’s become a good friend.”

Legends of Tomorrow also came up in conversation. Although Amell doesn’t appear, his character Firestorm does, and Amell has nothing but praise for his successor Franz Drameh. “Franz is an awesome dude,” he said. “I knew what was happening, I was offered the chance for Legends of Tomorrow but it didn’t work out time-wise. I met [Drameh], I’m a big fan of his, and in the end I knew that Firestorm was in good hands. But I would love to appear Legends of Tomorrow because it’s a time travel show.”

Souvenirs? Amell has a few. “I steal stuff all the time,” he said candidly. “I can’t take big things, like I was never able to take a splicer from my Firestorm costume, but someone brought me a splicer and it was as good as the one on the show. I said I couldn’t take it, and he said, ‘I built it for you, take it.'”

Amell’s most cherished Flash memory? The penultimate episode of season one where he teamed with his cousin to take on Reverse Flash. “That was a night I’ll never forget,” Amell said. “It was myself, Stephen, and Grant [Gustin] against Reverse Flash. It was a huge episode. Getting into the same business as family is rare, working along side them is even more rare, which is why we’re working on Code 8. We’ve talked about working together for a long time.”

What’s Code 8? You’ll find out Tuesday on code8.com, but it was collaboration between the Amell cousins and a lot of Canadian talent. “I can’t tell you much about it but we had a really amazing group of people working on it,” Amell teased. “I think you guys will be pretty excited about what you’ll see with Code 8.”

Amell’s not done with superheroes yet though, he has one particular role in mind if any casting directors are reading. “I would like nothing more than to play Batman at one point in my life,” he said. “It doesn’t have to just be Batman, it could be Batman Beyond, it could be Nightwing, and I know Nightwing isn’t Batman, but its close enough.”

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