Star Wars cosplay at cons is so ubiquitous it could, and should, be it’s own category. So we created one. Toronto ComiCon this past weekend was no exception for the inclusion of that parade of Star Wars costume love for both regular fans and the ever growing and swelling ranks of the local chapter of the 501st Legion, a staple of any Toronto area con. Of course this was the first Toronto con after the release of The Force Awakens, and the usual march of Stormtroopers, Jedi and Sith Lords was joined by many Kylo Rens, Reys, and even a few BB-8s. (Yes, you can cosplay BB-8. See below.)

Traveling around a very busy convention floor, it’s hard to get pictures of absolutely everyone, so among the sites at Toronto ComiCon were a mother and daughter Princess Leias from A New Hope, Reys of every age group, masked Kylo Rens, battle damaged Kylo Rens, Han Solos from both genders, Jedi Knights of both genders (and many different alien races), lightsabers that represent nearly every color of the rainbow, close to every variety of Stormtrooper drafted by the Empire, and Ewoks. Yes, Ewoks. We got some photographic proof of that one.

In a thoroughly unscientific estimation of the total con, about one out of every three cosplayers seems to come from a galaxy far, far away, a testament to the enduring, and ongoing, power of the Force. And Star Wars. Let’s check out some of the Star Wars cosplay that was wandering around the 800 level of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this past weekend.

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