While scavenging for supplies and ways for the group to survive, Eugene and Abraham have a come to Jesus meeting. Daryl and Rosita take Denise for a joyride to show her what the real world looks like. What she discovers leaves her with emotions she isn’t sure how to deal with. Daryl and Rosita learn a thing or two from Denise as well. Spoiler Alert in 5…4…3…2…1.


Wow! Shit got real tonight. After last week’s kidnap/ revenge episode it was fully expected that retribution was headed for the group. Tonight’s episode brought on what looks to be the beginnings of a full out war between the group in Alexandria and Negan’s men.

After an intro of mainly constant routine in Alexandria, where fans see Morgan building a jail cell, Denise approaches Daryl and Rosita with a mission to gather meds at a local apothecary. She tells them that she remembers passing it when she was wandering aimlessly after the start of the apocalypse. With that knowledge, she asks them to accompany her on the journey for protection. Rosita is against it, but ultimately agrees to go with them to the apothecary.


On the road, the group come up on a fallen tree in the road. Expecting a trap, Daryl and Rosita check it out and discover that it just rotted out. After dispatching a walker, Rosita comes into possession of several bottles of alcohol. Offering it around, Daryl and Rosita discover that Denise’s parents were alcoholics, so she refuses to drink. Rosita and Daryl have a short argument over taking the tracks to the strip mall. Daryl refuses to take the tracks, but Rosita argues that it is shorter. At this point, they split up. Rosita takes the tracks, while Daryl and Denise take the longer road to avoid the tracks.

Once the group meets up again, they enter into the apothecary. Daryl and Rosita make sure there are no ‘Roamers’ in the apothecary, they jimmy the lock to the meds. Meanwhile, Denise is wandering around the shopping section of the apothecary. She comes across pictures of a child throughout the store. She seems to both enjoy seeing the pictures and struggle with the idea that this child could be either dead, living in the zombie apocalypse or a walker.

About the time she comes to that conclusion, the three of them hear what sounds like thumping. Daryl and Rosita are not concerned about the walker hiding behind the door, but Denise’s curiosity gets the better of her and she investigates. After discovering a hidey-whole in the back, she sets out to explore. The mysterious thumping is coming from a very seriously decayed walker with a cast on one leg. There is evidence of a child having been in the hidey-whole as well. She locates a playpen, some toys and boxes of what are most likely food. When she reaches the sink, however, she has to quickly leave. She locates a tiny shoe in a sink full of blood.

daryl and rosita

Running out of the room, she heads outside after knocking over several glass vases and getting chewed out by Rosita for the noise. Once they have packed up as much as they can carry, Daryl and Rosita find Denise outside on the sidewalk crying. She is struggling with the realization of what the world has become and what her place in this world will ultimately turn out to be. The group heads back to the truck lost in their own thoughts.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Abraham are wandering around a small town street looking for a building of their own. Eugene has a brain child and has asked Abraham for his help. He has decided that one of the best ways to help the group is to find a way to make ammo. He located a metal working factory and has taken Abraham to the factory for his advice. While wondering through the factory, Abraham asks Eugene about his new hairstyle, clothing, and attitude. In typical Eugene fashion, he explains that a man has to change to stay with the times. While discussing all this, the guys have a walker approach. Eugene calls dibs on said walker, but is unable to dispatch him due to a metal coating on the skull. He struggles with the walker until Abe finally takes it out, which pisses Eugene off. They end up arguing like an old married couple until Eugene tells Abraham that his services are no longer required. Abe replies by telling him to find his own way home and leaves him standing in the middle of the factory.

daryl and carol

Back with Daryl and Rosita, Denise decides that she is going to man up as well after locating a cooler in a car with a walker. She is determined to see what is in the cooler, but Rosita and Daryl refuse to help her kill the walker for her and continue moving toward Alexandria. Not to be deterred, Denise moves to the passenger side of the car and opens the door. She ends up dropping her blade and the walker gets the advantage. They struggle for the advantage while Rosita and Daryl run back to save her. She tells them not to help and manages to get on top of the walker. After dispatching the walker, she finds her prize in the cooler in the form of Crush pop aka soda.

Daryl and Rosita lecture her on the stupidity of killing a walker over a can of pop. Denise asked them if they understand how stupid they are and what their stupidity means for them personally. She goes on to tell them that her fear has kept her from enjoying her time with Tara, she could have gone with her on the supply run. As she is talking an arrow pierces through her eye.

Daryl and Rosita jump into action, but are stopped by the appearance of Eugene in the hands of same of the Saviors. These Saviors are led by none other than Dwight, one of those that Daryl saved in the burnt forest. Dwight is the one who stole the motorcycle and crossbow, the same crossbow that killed Denise. It looks like Rosita and Daryl will be joining her soon when Eugene spots Abraham hiding behind some barrels. To buy them all time, Eugene mentions Abe’s hiding place. When all the Saviors are focused elsewhere, Eugene takes matters into his own….mouth to distract Dwight and give everyone else time to get weapons. There is of course a fire fight. Several Saviors make it out alive and head back to camp. Daryl, Rosita and Abe discover that during the fire fight Eugene has been hit with a bullet.


They carry him back to Alexandria. Rosita lets Abe know that Eugene will survive, thanks to Denise’s ability to locate the medicines at the apothecary. Abe then goes to have a chat with Sasha about his feeling for her and where they may lead the two of them. She invites him in. Carol leaves a message for Tobin, who she has had a short love affair with, that she can’t stay in Alexandria. She tells him that she can’t love someone because then she will have to kill for them and she can’t do that anymore. She asks that no one follow her, to let her go.


Holy hell what an episode. First off, kudos to Merritt Wever, who played Doctor Denise. The doc was wonderful and though she was only with the show for a short time, she was a much loved character. She will be greatly missed.


Fans had to be on the edge of their seats tonight when the Saviors came out in force. Although there is no doubt that this was just a small showing of the strength they have, it was enough to let those in Alexandria know that there is a war coming and they have no clue what they have gotten into. Hilltop definitely screwed them over by asking for them to save their members.

Daryl showed regret tonight by voicing that he should have killed those in the burned forest instead of saving them. Getting the motorcycle back last week seemed to foreshadow that only trouble would come from letting them live. Again, tragedy followed when Dwight used Daryl’s crossbow to murder Denise. He even tells Daryl that the bolt was meant for him, not Denise. Now Daryl will have to live with the knowledge that it should have been him, not her. On a lighter note, hallelujah the crossbow is back!

Eugene stepped up in several ways tonight. Not only did he stand up to Abe, he saved the group. His ideas for making ammo and also informing the supply groups to locate certain types of grains to sustain the groups may save them from not only the Saviors but starvation as well. It is great to finally see him stand up to Abe as well as step up to a walker with the intent to end it. Eugene is figuring out what survival in this world means and understand that Abe or Rosita may not always be there to save him.

Still no Negan, but it seems like that may be coming soon. There are only two episodes left in season six, so some big shit is headed down the path. There are many who believe Negan will be the season finale. With the comments made by several of the cast member on how reading the finale effected them, it is guaranteed to cause a multitude of emotions.

“Twice as Far.” overall grade – A+

‘The Walking Dead’ airs every Sunday at 9 PM EST on AMC

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