If Andy Weir‘s name sounds familiar, it should, he’s the best-selling author of The Martian, which went on to become a blockbuster Ridley Scott movie starring Matt Damion. Weir is also a huge fan of Ready Player One, written by Ernie Cline. Cline’s book is also getting the movie treatment with Steven Spielberg directing, so the pair have a lot in common. Weir enjoyed Ready Player One so much that he felt he had to write Lacero, a short story set in Ready Player One‘s universe. What we as fans, and Andy Weir, would call Fan Fiction. What is surprising and wonderful about this story is that Cline has read that fan fiction and decided to make it canon in the Ready Player One universe.Here’s Weir’s excited Facebook post about the inclusion of Lacero in Ready Player One.

I’ve written a bestselling novel. I’ve had a blockbuster movie made out of my book. I’ve gotten drunk with Ridley Scott….

Posted by Andy Weir on Friday, March 18, 2016

If you’ve already read Ready Player One, and who hasn’t really, you can check out Lacero here on Weir’s pretty basic website. For the completests out there it might be too late to grab the Subterranean Press version of Ready Player One that includes Lacero, and in introduction by Patrick Rothfuss, the limited edition run is sold out, but there’s always the after market.

*Special shout out to the artist that produced that wonderful image in the post’s header, Florian de Gesincourt. You can check out his other art work here.

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