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The Star Wars Expanded Universe has been a thorn in many a nerd’s side for years now. Ever since Disney pretty much uprooted the existing franchise, kicking off a brand-new series with The Force Awakens, many diehard fans have been wondering whether we’ll ever get another chance to look deeper into the cosmology and setting of the long-ago galaxy, far far away. Thankfully, the Rogue One initiative seems to be taking the first step to expanding to new mediums, after announcing their releases coming this Fall…

The new Expanded Universe has already kicked off with a series of novels, titled Journey To The Force Awakens, going into detail on issues like how Kylo Ren got hold of Darth Vader’s helmet, the story of the Internet’s favorite Stormtrooper, TR-8R while giving us a look at the interim period during the fall of Palpatine‘s regime and the rise of the New Republic. Now, with Gareth Edward’s Rogue One: A Star Wars story coming to theaters on December 2016, we are promised a deeper look into the frontline struggles of the new generation of rebels against the forces of the First Order.

A comic book prequel series for Rogue One will be published in October of this year by Marvel Comics, according to a recent announcement made by comic book distribution giant Diamond. The series will feature 3 issues and a one-shot, introducing the new cast of characters. Hot on the comic book mini-series’ heels will be the novel Star Wars: Catalyst (hey, at least it’s not redemption or resurrection or reloaded) that will be published by fiction supergiant Del Ray publishing.


As of the moment of this writing, we do not have an outline on what the comic books and novels will be about, but if we had to guess, we’d go with them being a frontline look into the struggle of the Rebel intelligence to get the Death Star plans to their allies and an on-the-ground story about planetary warfare. Also, no movie spoilers. If we know Disney, they’re going to keep everything under lock and key and use just a few hints to drive the most dedicated nerds into a hype-frenzy.

While the comic will officially debut in October 2016, the Force Friday event which will be taking place in September 2016 might be used by Marvel to debut the series’ one-shot comic book, as a starting point to get the limited series rolling. After all, they pulled the same stunt with Shattered Empire, so it’s not like these people don’t know their marketing. More importantly, however, is that the Rogue One comic book series and novel will not be mandatory reads for casuals to enjoy and follow the story. Much like the old Expanded Universe, it will be a more esoteric look for the most dedicated fans of the new canon and will probably make for some great Easter Egg hunting, soon as the vidya releases start rolling out.

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