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Harrison Ford is making the Talk show rounds for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD/Blu-Ray and made an appearance on Ellen. While there the pair talked about a number of things which included that Indiana Jones 5 is in the works. When Ellen brought up the casting of a new Han Solo, Ford was quick to point out that it was a young Han Solo and not a new Han Solo. He also had some advice for those auditioning for the young Han Solo part.

Don’t do it. First it seems like everything’s going swimmingly, and you put in 25, 30 years, and then they just let you go. And they show you the door and say, ‘We’re done with you, thanks very much.’

Ford seems so much more relaxed these days, although it is a stiff looking relaxed at times, but he looks like he is having fun with it all. It’s interesting that he is revisiting all these characters he made famous, so famous that recasting anyone in one of those roles seems sacrilegious. Some are calling it a farewell tour, but it is heartwarming that Ford seems to be helping pave the way for new actors to take over the roles and continue the franchises he helped build.

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