With Amazon apparently recently reviving of the revival of ‘The Tick coming with the down note that Patrick Warburton would not be returning as the Big Blue Bug of Justice, the unfathomable question of who would replace him as the Azure Amnesiac Avenger was asked. Well, get ready to be fathomed because Deadline is reporting that the British actor-comedian Peter Serafinowicz has been tapped to don the antenna and psychoses of the Ben Edlund created comicbook character.

Serafinowicz is joined by Griffin Newman as The Tick’s long suffering sidekick/straight man, Arthur, and Valorie Curry will play Arthur’s sister Dot. Patrick Warburton isn’t completely distant from the project as he is expected to serve as an executive producer alongside original exec-producer Barry Josephson. Transcendence director Wally Pfister will handle the pilot… This isn’t convincing you that this is going to bring back the magic of the FOX TV series from 2001, or the FOX Kids cartoon from ’94 or, the comicbook if you are one of those readin’ types, is it?

OK, I know. I know. The thought of anyone other than Warburton’s big blue goofy head and booming voice as the Live Action Tick is seemingly unthinkable. Hey back when the old TV show was in the works the thought of anyone but Townsend Coleman as the voice of the character was equally bizarre. Serafinowicz? This could be clear genius casting. He might be the absolute perfect man for the job (even if he is from England.)

The Liverpudlian funny man has solid acting credentials and a fair bit of geek cred if you require that sort of thing (Guardians of the Galaxy,  Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace,) Most of all he has just the right amount of absurdist humor as the following will clearly display:

You can not deny that if ‘Invisible’ Mike Harris was a real thing that would be a bang on impersonation of it/him.

Besides, we have accepted new actors as James Bond, as Batman, heck… We’ve endure so many (so… so many) ‘new’ Spider-man(s,) Personally, I welcome Peter Serafinowicz with open arms.

Via Deadline

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