The Russo Brothers are amping up their Social Media presence with some live video on Facebook. This time around the creative pair behind Captain America: Civil War have a reaction video of Chris Evans as he watches the movie for the first time. As they say, showing the star the final cut for the movie for the first time can stressful, what if Evans doesn’t like it and throws a fit? What if he wants huge changes? Find out how it all went after the jump.1451953_745231688946099_4737299725481101510_n

Here’s the Facebook post:

Posted by The Russo Brothers on Friday, March 18, 2016

Paul Rudd has done it again. First he swipes Cap’s shield while Evans takes a bathroom break. Now he swipes Evans identity to get a first look at the movie. This is exactly the kind of marketing that Marvel needs to embrace. When you have a star like Rudd, or Ryan Reynolds, use them in the marketing in ways that will bring new fans and delight your established fans. This little video cost next to nothing and will have fans talking for a couple of days, putting the material in front of others who might not have been on the bandwagon already.

Let’s hope Rudd keeps it up. Will Rudd keep up his running clip gag on Conan?

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