Is nothing sacred? Of course, the answer is ‘No.’ At the same time though, one would think that if there was such a thing as “sacred” in the movie business, it would be Star Wars, and you would be wrong because a couple of weeks in advanced of The Force Awakens’ DVD and Blu-ray release, some hooked-handed, peg-legged person has uploaded a DVD quality version of the film to pirate sites. As you’re well aware, the internet is forever, which means that if you want a high quality version of the film, you can probably find it with a minimum of effort. 

According to Variety, “The first pirated copies of Star Wars: The Force Awakens appeared online late Tuesday, and within 12 hours had been downloaded by about 250,000 people, according to piracy-news site TorrentFreak, which first reported the leak.” It’s almost impossible to calculate how far it’s spread in the last 24 hours, but with all the pirate downloading and streaming sites, it’s out there in a big way.

Of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been available to pirate since shortly after its release in the typical low-quality version captured by video cameras at screenings, but the early leak of a high-quality version of the Star Wars reminds one of the leaking of screeners this past December for many of the Academy Award-nominated films like The Hateful 8, The Revenant, Carol, Brooklyn, Spotlight, and The Big Short. It’s just a sad reality of modern day film distribution that sometimes the pirates are just a little bit craftier than the studios.

For those of you waiting for the official release, The Force Awakens will be available on VOD on April 1, and then be available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray on April 5.

Source: Variety

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