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Welcome back! It feels like it’s been forever since the last episode of The Flash, but actually it’s only been a couple of weeks. On last night’s episode of The Flash, Barry tries to level the playing field by juicing up, a new speedster comes to town, and a major revelation comes upon the team that drives Barry almost off of a cliff. Titled “Trajectory,” this episode did not skip a beat considering the show took a few nights off. Plus there were a few fun moments if you were able to spot them. So if you’re ready to dive deeper into things, keep reading after the jump.

As always, before you begin on your journey of discovery, take this moment to think about what you’re about to do. This article may contain spoilers about the episode. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to divert your eyes until you’ve watched the episode. If you’ve already seen it, then you’re ready. Of course, to help you from seeing anything unwanted by accident, here is a generic picture found from the internet.


After his run-in with King Shark, it was back to business with Barry and the gang on making him faster than Zoom. When we finally catch up with them, they’re working on making Barry jump father than he’s ever jumped before. But in order to do that, he’s got to be able to establish a speed he’s never managed in a matter of seconds. On paper it looks a little ridiculous, but the only way he’s going to accomplish his goal is if he just does it. With that, Barry takes a leap of faith and jumps. It looks like he’s actually going to make it when, at the last moment, he looses momentum and begins to fall. Luckily, he’s got a net to catch him and save him from death.

flash 2x16 safety net
Back at the lab, Jesse is making a mess with her popcorn. The group gathers round and Barry is ready to tackle the next challenge. However, Cisco and everyone else needs a break. After some convincing, Barry agrees and the gang goes out to the local club. A little push is needed, but even Jesse gets to join them in their night of fun. Sadly, though, the night of fun comes to an abrupt end when a speedster races into the venue and robs everyone on sight. The initial belief is that the Flash has gone rogue and the paper is faster than him to jump on his case. However, Iris knows better and helps delay some bad PR for her friend Barry.

After some investigating, the crew is able to muster up some leads. One of which was a secret Caitlin had been hiding because of Jay’s wishes. Upset, Barry struggles to comprehend why they would keep such a thing as Velocity-9 from him when it could have given him a chance to combat against Zoom. With no time to argue, the speedster makes a return and Barry races after them. The Flash manages to finally catch up to them and to his surprise the speedster is a her who goes by the name “Trajectory.” She then punches Barry and makes a quick getaway. Although their meeting was quick, Barry was able to get a description of what the speedster looks like. Luckily there were details about her and her suit that allows them to deduce that she was someone smart who had access to a lab.

flash 2x16 trajectory
While being treated for his physical and emotional injuries, Caitlin remembers that she only confided in one other person who who fits the bill and knew about Velocity-9, a scientist by the name Eliza Harmon. Once established that she’s a person of interest, Caitlin and Joe pay her a visit at Mercury Labs. Of course, upon arrival, Eliza says she has no idea who could have gotten their hands on the formula and that she destroyed all of the notes once she and Caitlin were done working on the project. However, it’s later revealed that Eliza had been falling behind on her work and in order to keep up, she finished her own version of Velocity-9. The side effects of her constant use of the drug had caused her to form a split personality – Trajectory.

Needing more of the serum, she injects herself with the last dosage and sets off after Caitlin. Thanks to her increased speed, she encapsulates Barry and holds Jesse hostage forcing Harrison and Caitlin to create more Velocity-9. She makes off with the vials but not before injuring Jesse in the process. She’s able to recover thanks to a blood transfusion from her father, but their resulting “talk” causes her acknowledge that she’s a distraction for her father. Thus in her eventually leaving Central City by the end of the episode.

flash 2x16 jesse leaving
Trajectory, meanwhile, has been causing mayhem on a local bridge thanks to her newly juiced up tank. Her constant running has caused the bridge to collapse. With her on one side and Barry on another, The Flash is greeted with the challenge he ran into at the beginning of the show. Harrison tells him that he needs to be able to achieve a speed of Mach 3.3 in order to generate enough momentum to jump the bridge. Digging deep down inside of himself, Barry makes the leap and wrestles Trajectory to the ground. However, she’s able to inject herself one last time with the serum (much to Barry’s objection) and she races off. However, she’s now so full of Velocity-9 that she runs herself into obliteration but not before generating blue lightning – the same color that Zoom emits when he runs.

flash 2x16 running too fast
The group gathers back at the lab to go over the events leading to Eliza’s death. However, Barry is too caught up with what he had seen and how similar it all was to Zoom. After some deduction among the rest of the characters, and some vibing by Cisco, everyone is able to conclude that Jay Garrick is Zoom.


For the first time in a while, there is something to finally nit pick about this episode, but overall, The Flash continues to tell a great story filled action and fun nods to lore from the original comics. So where do you begin? The best place to start is with the last moments of the episode. When Trajectory began to run to fast that her lightning turned a familiar blue, you knew that it was going to make a big impact, and everything from here was going to change. So as the camera panned to Barry, you knew he was deep in thought connecting the dots. And just like that, it all comes together and at the same time, their worlds come crumbling down. The music changes, the heavy drum beats begin to ring, and then Cisco uses his powers on Jay’s helmet.

flash 2x16 vibing on jay
However you felt leading up to this scene, this was a defining moment for the characters and their season. Remember, it was not long ago that the crew had experienced some life changing events. The beginning of the season made it look like maybe they were on their way to normalize things. Then Zoom comes into the picture, but everything is okay because they’ve got a new friend to help them. And then he dies. Now the group is more motivated than ever. In one fell swoop, though, it all comes down when their new friend turns out to be their biggest rival. How do you even begin to process your feelings in this situation?

Barry could not have said it any better when he runs to something that was challenging him and lets out an enormous roar.

The villain of the week was Trajectory. For those of you who don’t know, Trajectory is another original DC Universe character but with different origins in the comic books. There, she comes from Metropolis and develops her powers another way. Sadly, just like in the show, she dies due to unfortunate events. While you won’t find Trajectory on Top 10 list of villains, she still played an important role. She provided some insight into Iris’ new editor (something that audiences had not seen up to this point) and she provided another challenge to push Barry into becoming one of the most powerful superheroes on Earth. Let’s not forget how she was the key to the big revelation at the end of the episode.

flash 2x16 trajectory 2
Okay, it’s finally time to nit pick. This week’s nit is Harrison Well’s whispering. There have got to be other people who watch this show who are just as tired and astonished at the same time by Wells’ constant whispering. If it weren’t for the magic of TV editing, no one would ever hear this man. Although, at this point, if Wells’ were to ever speak in a normal voice, the boom operator may go deaf from the excessive volume. Rant over.

Some other fun “Easter Eggs” in tonight’s episode had to do with the watch that Wells gave his daughter before she went out for the night. Remember, this watch is supposed to beep whenever a meta-human is near by. Of course the watch went off when Barry was near by, but coincidentally, the watch was also going off when Wally was near by as well. Now you may not have noticed because Barry was also next to her. So, it could have just been that he was triggering it. Whatever the reason, it was a fun tease because as some of you may or may not know, Wally West is supposed to be another speedster. In fact, he’s another Flash who just happens to be from Keystone City.

flash 2x16 opal city bus
Speaking of other cities, at the end of the episode Jesse Wells decided to venture out on her own. And in case you missed it, the bus she took off on was headed to Opal City. Now, nothing may come of this or something could. As of right now, there isn’t anything official nor has anything been mentioned concerning Opal City. And some quick research doesn’t pull up much regarding who comes from there. The biggest name is Starman, but he’s most likely not up for consideration. Is it possible, though, that a man by the name of Richard Swift could show up. Also known as The Shade, Swift has some history with Barry Allen in the comics. So it will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

Once again, it’s another good night for the folks over at The Flash.

Trajectory” overall grade – B+

Tune into next week’s all new episode of The Flash – “Flash Back

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