To paraphrase the author E.A. Bucchianeri:

“You can kill a superhero crossover movie quicker by your silence than by a bad review.”

Dawn Of Justice got a lot of good word of mouth going for it, with nerds praising it to high heaven after some early screenings, while stay-at-home critics in Rotten Tomatoes gave it a series of scathing reviews and a solid 33% score, very eloquently calling the film:

“a grim whirlwind of effects-driven action”

But we guess that the internet talks while box office walks, especially considering the massive success of the film this opening weekend…

According to a recent estimate, Dawn Of Justice could be looking at an estimated $160 million dollaridoos worth in the box office on its opening weekend alone. This number is even higher than the so-bad-it’s-worse Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (opening at 108 million dollars) and let’s face it: you simply don’t get that kind of opening weekend money just from people that pay so they can whine about the film later.


And yes, while we believe that the film may be stretching itself too thin already, while some rumors have had us worried and we have thanked our lucky stars that some content was cut from the film for the sake of cohesion, we have to admit that for all its flaws, Dawn Of Justice could very well be the kind of movie we want to see. Stupid, flashy, lots of special effects and adequate writing to pad the space between the fight scenes, which, let’s face it: is the kind of thing that sells. Dawn Of Justice won’t be Casablanca with superpowers, but who cares?

Warner Bros do, that’s for damn sure. Apparently, they’ve been putting a crapload of money and energy into the film’s promotion and while they might never reach Disney’s soaring, cultlike height, their coverage reaches across:

“…a social media universe of 727.2M according to RelishMix, while its TV spots per iSpot.TV are pulling in 1.64 billion impressions. Among the BvS cast, Gal Gadot is the social leader counting 8.8M fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ben Affleck is second with 3.8M, adding 1-2K fans a day on FB, and as many as 8K daily on Twitter. Henry Cavill’s total is under 1M across official Instagram and FB pages.”

So maybe this one will come down to the almighty word of mouth. Maybe the first wave of honest nerds will make or break the DC Movie Universe forever. Maybe DC will finally let Grant Morisson write one of their live action films. Maybe Alan Moore will finally get paid what he’s due and we’ll get a proper anthology movie based on his work. Or maybe we’re just being optimistic fools about it. Either way, we hope that Dawn Of Justice will, above all, be a fun ride all the way through.


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