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Sam and Dean take a walk down memory lane, Bobby and Rufus’s memories. The boys must finish a hunt that their mentor and surrogate father, Bobby Singer, start a few years back. While doing so, the boys discover just how much the miss Bobby and his supportive comments of ‘Igits.’ Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1.


So the guys were back to the family business last night after taking a few weeks to celebrate March Madness. In a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a lovely woman, Naoki, and her daughter, Cat, are getting settled into their new home. Cat, the daughter, screams as mom is taking down some truly hideous wallpaper in one of the downstairs rooms. Fans can see a trace of red under the wallpaper. Mom goes to the bedroom to comfort her daughter, who is certain there is something bad in the house. Naoki convinces her that she had a nightmare and offers her a glass of water. While mom is going, the lights go off in the very cold bedroom, a certain sign of a vengeful spirit. Then, a hand reaches underneath the bed, pulling Cat out by her leg.

Dean Bobby and Mary

The guys, meanwhile, are having breakfast in a typical greasy spoon. They are discussing Amara, the lack of news about her and Castiel, and after two weeks, they are growing discouraged. Sam, being the voice of reason this time, decides they need to hunt and brings up the case of Naoki and Cat in Grand Rapids. They are just a few hours away, so they head out to work the family business.

At the hospital, Sam and Dean learn that Naoki can’t tell them much about the attack. However, there is a strange hand print mark on Cat’s ankle and she is in coma of some sort. The doctors can’t explain it of course. Naoki is understandably distraught and mentions that her wife will be flying back from England, but right now she is alone in all this. The guys ask, in their typical FBI fashion, if they can look through the house. She tells them where to find the hide-a-key, as if they needed it.

When they arrive at the house, they meet with the head of the neighborhood watch, read noisy neighbor. This is when they learn about Rufus and Bobby, aka the rudest FBI agents to walk the planet. While the woman is very noisy and needs to mind her own business, she does provide the guys with some great information.

Inside the house, the hunters go through the typical routine of investigation. A problem arises, however. They are getting EMF hits everywhere in the house. They decide to go about investigating in a different way. Sam is going to contact the realtor, legally they have to disclose if someone dies in the house. Dean is going the legal route and touching base with the local police.

Throughout the whole episode, there are flashbacks to Rufus and Bobby, who were Riggs and Murtaugh for this particular hunt. During the flashbacks, you can see Bobby interviewing the first victim about her son Will. The interview sounds almost the same as Dean’s interview with Naoki. Whatever, or whoever, is haunting the house is following the same MO.

naoki dean and sam

Both hunting parties discover that there were two deaths in the house. One death was a man who choked on a chicken bone, the other was a murder victim. Sam and Dean decide that they have to burn the bones of both of the dead homeowners. More flashbacks show Bobby and Rufus fighting like an old married couple. They are arguing over what the creeper might be. Bobby believes that they are hunting a ghost, but Rufus thinks they are looking for a Baku. A similar argument happens between Sam and Dean. Dean wants to believe the easy solution, but Sam thinks that it is too coincidental. Unfortunately, it takes digging up both graves and finding nothing but ashes, to convince Dean that they are NOT dealing with a ghost. SO back to the hunt.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Naoki is attacked by the creature and taken to the hospital. She is in a coma like her daughter. Flashback to the original case, mom is attacked and ends up in a coma with son. Back to the present, Sam has a conversation with the original doctor on the first case. She has retired now, but does give them some information that is upsetting. The vitals on the victims are fading. If the guys don’t solve the case soon, the victims will die.

After the interview with the doctor, who tells them that after speaking with the original FBI agents the victims came out of the comas within twenty-four hours, which she found miraculous. Dean informs Sam that the original victim, Mary Henderson, is still alive and living locally. They decide to go have a chat with her to see if they can discover any leads to help solve the case.

During the interview with Mary, who freaks when she sees the FBI agents, the hunters find out that while in the coma, the victims have ‘dreams.’ While Mary can’t give them too much details about those dreams, which she called nightmares, she apologizes stating that it has been too long since it happened. She does tell them that the original FBI agents told her not to touch the wallpaper in the living room.


They head back to the house with hopes of locating something that will help with solving this case. They locate a rune or sigil on the sitting room walls. This helps their research and leads them to the lore on a Soul Eater. They discover that there is a nest, which looks like the house the victims live in. The nest does not exist in the same space and time as this world. Bobby remembers hunting one before, in Tennessee. He remembers a Celtic Sigil that was supposed to trap monsters and uses it to trap the soul eater in Tennessee. The lore does not say anything about killing the soul eater, saying that they cannot be killed.

Dean and Sam discover in the Men of Letters lore that the Soul Eater can actually be killed, but a more complicated sigil must be drawn in blood both in the house and in the nest, meaning one of them must go into the nest. After a game of rock, paper, scissors, which Dean loses of course, Dean has to head into the nest. Flashback to Bobby and Rufus, showing Rufus painting a less complicated version of the sigil on the sitting room wall, while Bobby investigates the house, following the sounds of footsteps.

The show jumps between the two sets of hunters, showing Bobby hoping to avoid the monster and Dean hoping in gets him. Both are taken to the nest by the critter. Bobby locates the soul of the little boy, Will, but doesn’t see the mother yet. The little boy informs Bobby that he hasn’t seen his mother because there are so many others. Cat tells Dean something similar.

Dean begins drawing the sigil, as Sam is doing the same in the real world. The soul eater doesn’t like this fact and possesses Dean’s body in the real world. During Rufus and Bobby’s hunt, the same thing happens with the Soul Eater possessing Bobby’s body. In both hunts, a fight ensues.  Both Bobby and Dean are knocked out and the sigils are completed. The souls start disappearing from the nest and at the last minute, Dean sees Bobby’s soul.


Both sets of victims wake up from the comas. Sam explains to Naoki that the kitchen will need a remodel and Naoki informs them that they are selling the house. The hunters head back to Baby, discussing how Dean saw Bobby’s soul in the nest. He asked Sam if it is possible that he was really seeing Bobby since the nest doesn’t exist in time. At that Sam states he has a headache. One last flashback shows Rufus and Bobby arguing over the phone after Bobby wallpapers the sitting room. Rufus tells him that while he was out, Rufus discovered that it really was a Baku and he killed it. Bobby calls him a damn liar and gets hung up on. When he returns to his car, he finds a bottle of Johnny on the seat with a note saying you win.



Not only was it great to have the boys back, but fans also got Bobby and Rufus for the night. It was fun seeing how different and yet the same things can be. Dean and Sam fight much like Rufus and Bobby. They also protect each other in similar ways. While Bobby likes to call Rufus jackass and Rufus is perfectly happy to have Bobby do all the heavy lifting for ‘religious’ reasons, they are as much like brothers as Sam and Dean are.

Again the writers gave fans a new critter. The Soul Eater was a very nasty baddy. The thought of a creature who is able to steal your soul, keep it in the nest and feed on it for eternity, is a very scary prospect. Although Sam and Dean were able to kill the one in Grand Rapids, as well as going back to the original in Tennessee, the thought remains about how many are still out there. How many different creatures are out to get a person’s soul? Lucifer, Crowley, Angels, demons, Amara and now a Soul Eater. Yes they all have different purposes for doing so, and some of those purposes are actually a good situation for the soul, but really how many places must a human protect its soul from.


No Amara or Castifer this episode. There are many theories going around about how the hunters will stop Amara. It looks as if having Castiel’s help will be out since Lucifer tried to kill them the last time they were together. There is one possible theory that fans may have forget. Think back to season 5 when fans met Jesse Turner. He was supposed to be the anti-Christ. Castiel was determined that the child must die to protect the world. Is he the means to end Amara? Will fans finally find out what happened to him, will they see him again? Or will God make an appearance? How will the boys save Castiel? They MUST save Castiel. Lots of questions and very little season left for answers.

Congrats to the cast and crew on the renewal of Supernatural for a 12th season. Just had to add that in there!

Safe House” overall grade – A-

‘Supernatural’ airs every Wednesday night on the CW at 9 PM EST

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