Get Ready For The Feels! Sad Affleck Is Sad

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Unless you have been avoiding social media, or happen to live under a rock at the bottom of the sea, you’ve had to have seen  the multitude of bad reviews of Batman V. Superman. Well, it seems that star Ben Affleck has been avoiding the internet since the movie dropped for critics and, well, the reviews have finally caught up with him and the video will hit you right in the feels.

During a press junket, a reporter confronted Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck about the reviews by showing him what is being said about his first time in the cape and cowl and his reaction couldn’t be more priceless, and heart breaking. It is well known that Batfleck is a huge Batman fan and word on the internet is that he worked hard behind the scenes to get Batman right, and the internet critics are saying that his Batman and Bruce Wayne are the highlights of the movie, but that didn’t stop his heart from sinking during the interview. Well, one sympathetic Youtuber took the video and set it to Simon and Garfunkel’s classic The Sound Of Silence and the video couldn’t be more heart breaking. Check out the video below and be sure to grab a tissue or two before hitting play.


So what are your thoughts on the movie? Is Batfleck the Batman we deserve, or has he lived long enough to see himself become the villain? Let us know in the comments below.

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