Toronto ComiCon 2016: Cosplay, The Best of the Rest


To wrap our cosplay tour of Toronto ComiCon, the image gallery below reflects a wide variety of styles, types and modifications to a great many beloved characters from TV, movies, comics, video games and anime. The level of imagination and sophistication when you see cosplayers at these shows continues to impress, and even at times when you don’t have so much of the latter, it’s more than made up for it in the former. From cardboard masks, to spandex suits, and from modified store-bought costumes to suits made entirely from scratch, all the cosplayers wandering the Metro Toronto ConventionCentre were ready-to-wear in the awesomest fashion to be seen until September at Fan Expo Canada!

In the below gallery you will see Iron Men, and Spider-Men, and Spy Vs. Spy in a rare moment of fraternity. You’ll see an Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Jasmin form Aladdin, and Snow White that not-so-suspiciously looks like a dude. The Justice League was there, yet so was the Riddler. We got the Suicide Squad version of Joker and Harley Quinn, the Arrow version of Captain Boomerang, and Nintendo’s Starfox dressed as  Jedi Knight with his sidekick, Rogue from X-Men. There was Rick and Morty, a Mimbari from Babylon 5, and one cosplayer that combined the truck and ape versions of Optimus Prime from Transformers and Beast Wars. And just because, Deadpool was dressed as a member of a Mariachi band.

But enough words! It is the pictures that you’re here to see, so please check out the menagerie of cosplayers in our final gallery from the Toronto ComiCon.

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