The final episode. Harry must somehow escape from Whitecross jail to save his wife and daughter and confront Golding who is desperate to take possession of the magic bracelet. But with it linked to Harry, the only way he can possibly accomplish this would seem to be to make the ultimate sacrifice. But exactly how much will the bangle help Harry along the way? Will he make it in time? Will we care?1

And so we reach the end, and with more of a whimper than a bang. Golding – revealed last week as Whitecross prison boss Nikhail Julian – has kidnapped Harry’s almost-ex Anna and their daughter Daisy and Harry is told the only way to save them is to kill himself. Anyone else trying to off our plucky copper would be at the mercy of the bangle (hell, it fixed a dodgy washing machine last week, who knows what it could do) and thus Golding orders Harry’s suicide. Harry is, understandably, reluctant and so he escapes, the bangle saving him from a fifth floor fall. More luck is generated in the exciting find of a £1 coin which Harry uses on a pub gaming machine to give him some walking around cash.

Arriving at his brother Rich’s business, Harry uses all of his experience to evade his colleagues who are searching for him by simply going round the back of the back of the building instead, and is shocked by his appearance after being beaten up last week. Learning of the location of the house where his wife and daughter are being held, Harry hotfoots it round, quickly followed by DS Winter and the ever-dependable Suri, where he finally faces Julian/Golding. A stand-off, a fight, the saving of his daughter from drowning and the shooting of Winter leads to Golding escaping and Harry keeping possession of the bracelet.


Viewers must be cautioned that there is more running from Harry in this episode than in all others combined. If this weren’t enough, Sky One’s continuity announcer thanked us over the end credits for all the letters of support for the show they had received (Who are you people? Speak up! Explain yourselves!) and that Stan Lee’s Lucky Man would be returning for a second series. How unlucky can you get?

Sarcasm aside, this was a pitifully weak and cack-handed ending to a series that was occasionally a small, guilty pleasure. But only occasionally. The final denouement and confrontation between Harry and Golding had as much tension as a loose shoelace; it looked as though they made it up as they filmed. Golding simply ran off and then, just as you were expecting a final scene or two to wrap everything up – What’s happened to Eve? How is Winter? What next for Harry and his bangle? – it ended. Just like that. Did they forget to shoot the rest?

With special mention to Rich Clayton’s eye-make up, which was meant to portray a serious beating but instead made him resemble the result of some drunken panda sex, this was an unintentionally funny last hour, be it Harry running lots or the script that flowed like a first draft. If a second series is made, it’ll be must see in the same way that one can’t help picking at a scab; you shouldn’t, it’s not a good idea but you can’t really stop.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man aired on Fridays in the UK on Sky One and MAY return.

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