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After a very short introduction of blood, rosaries and voices, the group is taken on whirlwind ride, chasing their own. Tonight’s episode will start something that will change the group forever. While it is sure to become more emotional for fans in the season finale, tonight’s episode was plenty emotional on so many different levels. Spoilers below do continue at your own risk. Last change in 5…4…3…2…1.


Any time an episode starts with several different domestic scenes, you know that the world is going to collapse around them. Tonight’s episode is just more proof of that, starting with Carol sewing a jacket. It isn’t clear why she is sewing the jacket at this point, but it should come as no surprise that she is also a domestic goddess. Cooking, cleaning and sweaters show the world she can be Betty Crocker while having the ability to shoot shows Annie Oakley.

Fans also see Maggie and Glen sharing a common married scene by showering together. While they look happy, Glen is hiding the fact that he is very concerned with the bruising on Maggie’s lower back. These were a result her fight with Negan’s people, then ones who kidnapped her.

The next scene of domestic bliss comes in the form of Rick and Michonne sharing an apple in bed. They are discussing how Hilltop and Jesus have come through for the group and how they will continue to come through. Rick refers back to losing the prison and the farm, vowing to never let that happen again. Michonne adds her vow to Ricks, saying she will never let that happen.

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Throughout the whole series of domestic scenes there are scenes of violence and the cost to keep this haven. There are shots of guards in the towers, and on the gates. There are scenes where Maggie, Glen and Michonne are arranging guns in different locations in case there is an attack and they need to locate a gun that strangers wouldn’t be able to locate. There is a scene of Carl getting a pistol, with a shot of a baseball bat with barbed wire surrounding it. And then there is Daryl, contemplating Denise’s death and not dealing with his guilt in any constructive way.

Carol and Tobin have a sweet domestic scene, but it is obvious that Carol is not actually there with him when she starts hearing the teacher from Charlie Brown. Tobin’s conversation slips away and she is hiding inside her own head. Later that night, Carol takes a bag that fans saw her packing, including food, water and some clothing, as well as the jacket she was sewing earlier. She has left a note for Tobin and the others telling them that she can’t love anyone anymore and she doesn’t want to kill for them. She informs them that she is leaving and not to follow her. There is a shot of Tobin sleeping showing everyone that she left during the night. The next time fans see Tobin, he is giving Rick the note in the morning. It is unclear how long Carol has been gone.

While Rick is headed to the gates to talk to the guards, Daryl can’t take the guilt anymore, so he heads out on the bike. When stopped at the gate and asked where he is headed, his answer is “Out.” Abraham asks for specifics but receives nothing. Daryl is out the gate and on his way to only god knows where. Glen, Michonne and Rosita head out in the van to find him and bring him back, Rosita telling the group she knows where he is going. After they head out to track Daryl, Rick starts questioning Sasha about Carol’s disappearance. Sasha didn’t see anything during her time on guard, but Tobin notices one of the cars they had placed the day before was missing. Rick and Morgan set off to find Carol, heading east.


Maggie and Enid have a discussion about how tired Maggie is and that she is taking an extra shift because of those leaving. Enid hands her a jar of pickles and tells her to go rest while she takes the shift. Enid lets Maggie know that she wants to help more around the compound, but Maggie has to trust her. Maggie lets her take the shift will she rests for a bit and has lunch. After seeing Maggie in the mirror of the van, and then this scene, there is definitely a very foreboding feel to the whole situation.

Panning back to Carol, she can be seen driving a little sedan with several sharpened poles sticking out of it. There is no doubt that she stole it from the compound. While heading down the road, you can see a truck in the distance, and know that trouble is on its way. When the truck gets almost beside Carol, one of the passengers on the back opens fire on Carol’s car, taking out the tires and forcing her to stop. They tell her to get out of the car slowly. She steps out and reveals that she only has a rosary in her hands and a knife for the walkers. The answer she receives is that she has information and they want it. They believe some of her backstory, but believe she is from Alexandria. They plan to take her back as a way of getting into the gates. She tells them to leave so that no one gets hurts, but as they decide to come after her, she opens fire, incapacitating them. She used the gun she had sown into the sleeve of her jacket. The driver was not killed and comes after her. She spikes him on one of the car’s poles. Also, the spokesperson from the truck wasn’t dead either. Carol tells him to come out from behind the truck but he refuses. She goes to him and shoots him in the stomach. At this point, she takes the guns and heads out. It is unclear whether the spokesperson from the group managed to stab her or not. There is a bit of a twist when the passenger inside the truck is still alive and plans to head out after her. At this point, Rick and Morgan show up on the scene. After a short investigation, Morgan locates a trail of blood, assuming that it is Carol’s and the head out, following the trail. The Savior who survived steps out from the tree line, picks up Carol’s rosary and heads out after Rick and Morgan.

Glen, Michonne, and Rosita catch up to Daryl’s starting point. He headed back to the tracks where Denise was killed. He stashed his bike in the bushes and headed out on foot after Dwight and the rest of the Saviors who were responsible for Denise’s death. They catch up to Daryl in the woods, where Glen and Michonne try to convince him to head back to Alexandria with them. He tries to explain to them that he owes Dwight. He wants them to understand that Dwight deserved to die even before he killed Denise. Glen and Michonne promise him revenge once there is enough information about the Saviors. Daryl refuses to go back with them, and Rosita, who is dealing with quite a bit of guilt herself, decides to go with Daryl. Glen and Michonne wander back through the woods until they come upon a stream. Glen explains to Michonne how the group got thrown together from the beginning and how they became a family. Then, they hear the whistle. Several Saviors step out from the trees, including Dwight. Michonne and Glen are now in the custody of the Saviors.
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Back to tracking Carol. Morgan and Rick come across a woman who looks very much like Carol, but is a walker. It isn’t Carol, thankfully. Ahead of them, there is a barn where they hear some noises that make them investigate. While walking toward that barn, Morgan tells Rick that he knows Rick kicked Carol out of the group for killing two people at the prison. He asked Rick if he would do the same thing again. Rick replied saying he would thank her instead. She did what needed to be done. At the barn, they encounter a man with weapons from Hilltop. He could be a Savior, from Hilltop or a completely different group all together. He is looking for a horse, while fighting off the walkers. Rick tries to get information from him but he and Morgan have to fight off several walkers, giving the stranger time to escape with Morgan’s help. Rick tries to shoot him, but Morgan pushes Rick, screwing up the shot. After fighting off the walkers, Rick and Morgan have a heart to heart. Morgan tells him about saving the wolf, Carol finding out, and the Wolf saving Denise who then saved Carol. He tells Rick the whole thing is a circle. He wants Rick to take the car and go back to Alexandria. Rick wants to know if he will come back, after finding Carol and Morgan says yes. He does tell him that if he doesn’t come back, Rick is not to come looking for him.

Rick reports back to Alexandria where he has a discussion with Abraham about who is back and who isn’t. Abraham asks Rick if he is afraid of letting someone close again, which Rick tells him yes. They both discuss taking over the world in Abraham’s typical fashion. The point being that because they have let someone close, they have a reason to fight.

Maggie asks Enid to help her with something else. This time, she wants a haircut. Maggie has Enid cut her hair very short, so that there isn’t anything in the way when they fight. At this point Maggie starts having abdominal pain, showing that there is something seriously wrong with the baby.

The final scene of the night’s episode shows Daryl finding Glen and Michonne who are tied up with the Saviors. Daryl is determined to save them, even though Glen is trying to warn him of danger. Dwight appears behind Daryl, with another Savior coming up behind Rosita. Dwight says hello Daryl, then shoots him. The last sound fans here is “You’ll be alright.”


What the hell Gimple! Ok, so if you watch the show you know that anyone can die at any time. Right now there are at least two people set to die, or so it seems. Daryl has obviously been shot, but fans aren’t sure where the bullet hit. There was a great deal of blood in the final scene, but it could still have been a shoulder wound. Of course, Dwight was positioned so the gun was pointed at Daryl’s head. Unfortunately there is a seven day wait to find out what actually happened. Fans heard Dwight say, “You’ll be alright”. Was he talking to Daryl, Rosita, or himself? Could it be that he knows killing Daryl signs his own death warrant by the rest of the group? There are very few who would believe Dwight, no matter what he is saying. Denise Huth, producer on the Walking Dead, did say that fans will know Daryl’s fate by the end of the finale next week.

Maggie is obviously in trouble. Could it have been something she ate for lunch or is there something wrong with the baby? Pregnancy at any time is a hazardous situation, but during the apocalypse it is especially dangerous. What happens if the baby dies in utero? A miscarriage is a horrible situation to deal with, but especially so when death means turning to a zombie. Is that what we are seeing with Maggie? Interviews with the crew have turned up that the season finale is the darkest, most disturbing episode ever filmed on The Walking Dead. What if it isn’t what fans expect with Negan, but what if it is Maggie and the baby that has the group so disturbed they don’t want to film.

There are others that could possibly be in fatal danger as well. Glen and Michonne are currently in the possession of the Saviors, as is Rosita. The Saviors obviously know where to find Alexandria and are determined to break through the walls or gate. That puts anyone inside the gates in danger, whether they know it or not. So does the fact that Maggie could turn due to several unforeseen issues with the baby. Carol is wondering around alone during the apocalypse, along with Morgan. While either is capable of taking walkers out like a boss, neither are exactly in the right headspace to deal with humans who would cause them harm.

Next week’s finale is leading up to be the most emotional finale to this point. Both the cast, producers and writers have said it is darker than anything to this point. Thinking back over what fans have seen throughout the six season, fans most likely are very concerned to see what is in store. Oh and Negan makes an appearance as if everything else wasn’t bad enough!

“East.” overall grade – A- because DARYL!!!!

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