‘Deadpool’ Slays Another Box Office Record


Since it’s release a month and a half ago, Deadpool has slayed all kinds of expectations, and all kinds of box office records. Not bad for a movie that studio wasn’t even sure they wanted to make and let sit on the shelf for years until some wily person leaked the test footage online. But now, over seven weeks after it hit theaters, Deadpool is still making a name for itself in the box office record book, stealing a new title from The Matrix Reloaded and laying its eyes on maybe one more claim to fame before it leaves theaters.

Since 2003, The Matrix sequel has been the highest grossing R-rated movie at the worldwide box office, but now that honor belongs to the Merc with the Mouth. Deadpool‘s total worldwide take is $745 million, $3 million more than Reloaded’s total global haul in 2003. Overall, Deadpool is currently the 68th highest grossing movie of all-time globally, but its box office take thus far is staggeringly impressive for an R-rated movie based on a not-very-well-known-in-the-mainstream superhero that was turned into a punchline in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The domestic picture also has reason for Deadpool fans to celebrate. The additional $5 million it took in over the weekend in North America allowed it to sneak up to $349.1 million, which is $8 million shy of replacing American Sniper as the number two highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time in North America. But while beating Sniper looks doable, it seems unlikely that Deadpool will best the $370.8 million take of The Passion of the Christ though. For the record, Deadpool beat The Matrix Reloaded domestic haul a while ago, it only made $281.6 million in North America.

Deadpool is till in theaters everywhere if you want to organize some kind of final assault on Jesus’ reigning box office status.

Source: MovieWeb

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