Duncan JonesWarcraft: The Beginning has a new international trailer featuring Travis Fimmel (Vikings) as Sir Anduin Lothar (Not of the Hill People Lothars) and Toby Kebbell (Fantastic Four) as Durotan, the two men seeking a peaceful solution to their warring factions inevitable collision. Moon, Jones’ first feature film is fantastic and on that movie alone Warcraft: The Beginning will sell quite a few tickets at the box office.Here’s the new international trailer:

The effects are going to be a big part of the success or failure of this movie. There’s a lot riding on whether or not the production can make the CGI effects seamless enough to not drag viewers out of the moment. So far, in the trailers there hasn’t really been enough to make the call on whether the Industrial Lights & Magic effects team has captured that elusive CGI genie.

Now, if you’re an old school nerd. You might be confusing Lothar of Warcraft with another famous Lothar… of the Hill People.

Warcraft: The Beginning hits theater screens June 10th. Will the players, old and new, come out to the box office to make this a success? The relatively low-budget, $100 million, at least for a heavy CGI and effects film should make this an easy financial success world-wide. Will it be enough to warrant a sequel is another matter.

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