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You sick of hearing about Batman V Superman yet? Movie has been out for less than a week and the amount of posts from the nerd blogopshere have been relentless. To be fair, with a movie as anticipated as this, it shouldn’t be shocking to assume it wouldn’t be covered ad nauseum. Reactions, editorials, opinions, and other two bit pieces are winding down with outlets moving and focusing on other things. So it will be over soon kids… until next month… when Captain America Civil War hits theaters *wink*.

There’s still a lot of dialogue and discussions coming out in response to Batman V Superman. And just when you thought you’ve heard everything, comes the Fatman On Batman himself, Kevin Smith.

Just the other day, Smith had shared some of his views on the film on his Hollywood Babel On podcast with co-host Ralph Garman. In that show, Smith was quoted as saying the movie “didn’t have any heart”. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to know what Smith thinks, check out his hour long review of the movie in the video below. Yes, that’s right, an hour! Smith talks for 60 whole minutes giving a play-by-play of the entire movie, injecting his reactions/views along the way.  SPOILER WARNING!

In the video, Smith basically discusses at length of his ambivalence towards the movie. He gushes over the satisfying visuals that fans have been dreaming about for years, while also showing some disappointment on how these characters are off center. He kicks the proverbial dead horse in talking about some of the weird characters motivations or lack there of, and how no one needed to pay to see this movie ’cause it was all shown in the trailers.

Even if you don’t care for Kevin Smith, the dude is a big time geek. He’s worked on comic books, and even has a weekly podcast called (we cited it earlier) Fatman on Batman. If there was anyone that could give you an honest, bi-partisan reading/ analysis from both a critical and fanboy viewpoint, it is Kevin Smith. Its interesting stuff.

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