Whether you liked it or not (chances are NOT),  Batman v. Superman was a thing that happened and for better or worse, the film did serve its purpose: it served as a launching point for the DCEU. Fans are eager to see exactly what that universe will have to offer and their next glimpse of that world comes in the form of David AyersSuicide Squad. Since the first trailer hit for the bad-guy led film back at San Diego Comic-Con, fans cannot get enough and they are positively ready to see just what the movie will offer. Well, according to the folks over at BirthMoviesDeath, it seems that one thing that the movie did not offer was a bit of levity. If their sources are correct, the film’s bleakness may have even just necessitated reshoots, a few months before the release.

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There are plenty of things that fans disliked about BvS, and, there really is no need to delve into spoiler territory here, one point that keeps coming back as a negative against the film is its intentional moodiness. BvS director Zack Snyder is known for a certain style and there is no denying that his style does carry a rather dark edge.  In a film that has massive potential for the occasional chuckle here and there, however, Snyder managed to miss the mark completely. Even Sad Affleck felt the darkness in his soul (seriously, if you haven’t seen Affleck’s response to the reviews, get on that.). If the sources over at BMD have it right, the folks over at Warner Brothers learned a bit of a lesson with that misstep and aim to make it right with Suicide Squad. “But the trailer seemed pretty fun…”, you may be thinking, and you would win the kewpie doll. The problem is that those moments of humor in the official trailer that has been released may be the only moments of humor in the entire film.

According to those sources:

Every joke in the movie is in that trailer

For a quick reminder and, really, just because it’s pretty amazing, here is the trailer in question:

Oh, that Harley…

So, if those are the only moments of humor, what does that mean for the film?

The enormous positive response to the trailer led to Warner Bros requesting reshoots that would alter the tone of the film, bringing in some more of the lightness to which audiences responded.

Is it possible that WB has really invested “tens of millions” of dollars into the film so close to the August 5, 2016 release date? Of course it is. Hell, not only is it possible, it’s very likely, considering the overwhelming response to the trailer. Still, that’s not the only reason this one seems plausible. Right now, while BvS is still tearing up the box office, the fact is that WB has to figure out a way to keep the fans coming back. When it comes to DC films, the audience has been rather divided, to say the least. After the absolutely dismal BvS (remember when you thought The Dark Knight trilogy was dark? Sheesh.), WB really did have to look at its methods to determine the best course of action.  As always, the Marvel vs. DC debate continues and when looking at the Marvel formula, humor has always been a staple in the MCU. If WB wants to continue making that screw-you money, it will have to adapt to the landscape, and what better way to do that than giving audiences a few lines to remember? That being said, the darkness of DC Comics, the sadness, the gloom, the realistic view of the world, is almost a trademark. This darkness is one of the things that has always separated Marvel from DC and let’s hope that when WB injects that humor and lightness, they remember the comics that gave birth to those hundreds millions of dollars and the fans that helped get them there; more than that – that they respect them.

Do you feel that WB is making the right decision in lightening up the tone of Suicide Squad? Are you Marvel or DC?



Source: BMD

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