When a typical hunt goes sideways, Dean may have to face loosing Sam for good. Dean meets up with an old ‘friend’, hoping to get her help with returning Sam to the mortal coil. Werewolves, resurrection and reapers, oh my. Spoilers in 5..4..3..2..1.


Tonight’s episode started off with Sam and Dean taking on a pack of werewolves. In the process of the fighting, Sam gets shot by one of the group. Dean removes the bullet and saves two people that were supposed to be the werewolf dinner. Dean and one of the survivors, Corbin carry Sam and the female survivor, Michelle, out of the werewolf cabin. They are trying to locate somewhere with a cell phone signal to call for help for both Sam and the Michelle. While stumbling around in the woods, they locate a cabin that looks like a souvenir shop. Unfortunately, there is no working phone line or electricity. Dean locates some oil lamps. After an argument with Corbin who wants them to ditch Sam and keep moving, Dean goes out to make a litter to carry Sam out of the woods. While Dean is outside gathering wood, Corbin suffocates Sam.

dean and corbin

The remaining werewolves are tracking the survivors through the woods. They locate the cabin that Dean and Sam found. Corbin is trying to talk Dean into leaving Sam, who is dead now, and saving both him and his wife. Dean agrees and promises to return for Sam’s body. They start heading out through the woods to find help. At dawn, they find the road and flag down a ranger. Dean gets the survivors to the ranger, but when he tries to head back into the woods, the ranger uses a Taser on him. Dean wakes up in the hospital with some broken ribs, a concussion and no idea where his brother is.

The survivors are speaking with the ranger, giving their side of the story. Corbin has told the ranger about the monsters that attacked him and his wife and how Dean and Sam saved his wife and himself. The ranger tells them that he will notify the other rangers about the cabin and the people inside. He leaves to make the call when the doctor enters. She tells Corbin that his wife is stable and he needs to be examined. After trying to refuse the exam, the doctor forces him to sit for it. She locates a bite on his upper arm, asking how it happened and how he feels. His response is that he feels great but isn’t sure where the bite comes from.

During all this, the show has flashbacks about how Sam and Dean ended up on the case in the first place. Dean didn’t want to take the case, preferring to stay in the bunker and research Amara and Castiel’s location. Sam talks him into leaving the bunker to get some fresh air and do some hunting. They head out to research missing hikers. Everyone they interview is a dead end, until they meet a bartender in a dive bar. She tells them that there are some cabins on private land out in the woods where hikers sometimes crash when they are lost in the woods. She gives them directions to these cabins. Later in the story you find out that she and the bouncer are both wolves.


Back to the present, Sam is actually alive, although it isn’t clear how that happens. Dean on the other hand, decides to OD so that he could talk to Billy the Reaper. Dean is trying to make a deal to get Sam back not knowing that he is already alive. Billy is refusing to return him, knowing that Sam is alive. She tells Dean that his time is up and he is headed to the big empty, but the doctor brings Dean back before she can reap him. So, both Winchesters are alive. However, Sam is currently facing two werewolves with a hole in his gut from a gunshot wound.

Back at the cabin where Dean left him, Sam is trying to find a way to survive two werewolves when he is bleeding from the stomach. He makes his way to the cellar, setting up a few traps for the werewolves. After dispatching the two werewolves, Sam makes his way back to the Baby and calls Dean. He tries to let Dean know that Corbin is a werewolf, but the signal drops out before he can. Sam heads toward the urgent care. Dean goes back into the hospital to check on Michelle.

Meanwhile, inside the hospital, Corbin has turned full-fledged werewolf. He dispatches the doctor because she sees him wolf out. His wife finds the doctor and screams, bringing the deputy who is trying to keep Dean on the premises. Coleman comes up behind him and puts his claws through the deputy’s chest. He tries to explain to his wife that he is doing great and wants her to join him, when Dean attacks him from behind. He tells the wife to run, when the wolf flips him over and gets the upper hand on Dean. Just when it looks like the wolf is going to kill Dean, Sam comes to save the day with a well-placed silver bullet.

Turns out the Sam’s body went into shock when Corbin choked him. That slowed his heart and breathing, keeping him alive, but without the signs of life. The brothers are reunited and discuss what happened while they were separated. Sam wants to know how Dean dealt with the situation. In Dean’s typical fashion, he replies in a flippant tone about remodeling Sam’s room by adding a Jacuzzi and a disco ball. He never tells Sam the truth, telling him that he knew he wasn’t really dead.

sam and dean


It was shocking to see Sam dead within the first ten minutes of the episode. However, it is becoming something of a tradition for one or the other to end up dead and then return. At first, it was a bit suspicious that Sam returned. One theory was that God was involved in his return to guarantee Amara’s demise. Dean has stated on several occasions that Sam has to be the one to take Amara down because of Dean’s attraction to her. But what if God gets involved. Castifer is the only one on earth at this point who has any clue how to save the world and honestly it doesn’t look like he is too excited to assist with stopping her.

michelle corbin dean

So far in this part of the season Castifer has located one Hand of God. Dean located one as well. Both were used up before they could assist in stopping Amara. There are other Hands of God available to help stop Amara, although there hasn’t been anything in the research to help the Winchesters locate one of them. Most likely, they don’t even know what to look for or research. Castifer could help with research and location, but it is doubtful that he is willing to help at this point. The guys are going to need some help soon or give up hope of finding a solution to the problem that is Amara.


Red Meat” overall grade – A-

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