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Some of us are old enough to remember the eye-rolling turkey of a Dungeons and Dragons film made back in 2000. Fans of the RPG had long awaited a live-action incarnation which brought our favorite mythical worlds and creatures to life, but this was not the film we were waiting for. Later, some other god-awful D&D films were made, yet still nothing worth watching. But the future will, perhaps, finally provide us with a fantasy flick that can hold its own, as director Rob Letterman has been signed to act as director to the newest attempt at D&D on the big screen.

Rob Letterman, in case you don’t already know, is the man who directed the recent Goosebumps adaptation as well as movies such as Monsters vs. Aliens and Shark Tale (which he also wrote the screenplays for). And while he’s certainly proven himself capable of bringing many and varied monsters to life via the magic of FX, his kid-friendly list of past accomplishments may not lend well to a Dungeons & Dragons movie worth watching. In the end, it depends on how Warner Bros. decides to sell it.

Other well-known names attached to the film include producer Roy Lee (The LEGO Movie, How to Train Your Dragon) and scriptwriter David Leslie Johnson (Wrath of the Titans). Combined, it would seem as if WB is definitely aiming for something family-friendly and decidedly PG in rating.

The project has been in development for some time, though issues of rights got in the way and delayed it for a couple of years. Now that the legal garbage is out of the way, Warner Bros. is free to continue production. It’s also hinted that they’re looking for a “Vin Diesel-type” actor to play the main role. Given that Diesel himself is a huge D&D nerd, I have to wonder if they’ve asked him about it yet…

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What say you, Nerd Readers? Do you think that the director of a movie such as Goosebumps is the right choice to helm Dungeons & Dragons? Will they be able to produce something epic or is this just an attempt to cash in on the brand name?


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