It’s April Fool’s Day, so you will be forgiven if you take everything you see on the internet today with a grain of salt, but we have the official release date for the home video versions of Deadpool – DVD, Blu-ray, Digital, VOD, VHS, and Laserdisc. Okay, some of those might not be true. You may still have a VCR or a Laserdisc player, but you’re not going to get Deadpool for it, but it’s nice to know that even while promoting its home video release, Deadpool hasn’t lost his distinctive sense of humor. So when will you be able to enjoy the awesomeness of Deadpool at home?

So while Deadpool won’t be available on VHS or Laserdisc, or Betamax and HD-DVD for that matter, it will be available on those other platforms on May 10. Like with all major Deadpool announcements, we got the official word from the Twitter account of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who frankly seems to enjoy any excuse to dress up as the Merc with the Mouth.

Bravo on the double entendre, because you can’t have a piece of Deadpool promotion with it. Anyway, thanks to the power of Amazon and Best Buy, we know what the cover art of the various sets are going to look like, even though we don’t know what else those discs are going to contain in the way of special features. Expect that information to come (hehheh) later.





If you can’t wait for May 10, you can still see Deadpool in theaters everywhere.

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