When you’ve heard the name “John Carpenter” in the last several years, it’s been far more likely it’s in regard to someone remaking one of his movies, than about Carpenter making something of his own. Several of Carpenter’s titles – Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live – have either been remade, or they are presently optioned with the intention of being remade. Well, you can add Starman to that list now. The good news is that a major Hollywood director has his eyes on the property; the bad news is that the filmmaker to whom those eyes belong to is Shawn Levy.

To be fair, Levy is no Uwe Boll. He made Real Steel, and the first Night at the Museum was decent family fare, but then he turned that into a trilogy, remade Pick Panther and Cheaper By the Dozen, and the awful Vince Vaughan/Owen Wilson comedy The Internship. In other words, he’s a good workman direct churning out middling Hollywood product, so not exactly an auteur. On the other hand, Starman is sandwiched between Christine and Big Trouble in Little China on Carpenter’s C.V., so he seemed unlikely to make a touching, romantic tale of an alien that gets a ride from a widow and the government agents that chase them at the time

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Levy will be remaking Starman, and that Arash Amel, who has two writing credits to his name, one of them being the awful Grace of Monaco, will pen the screenplay. Michael Douglas, who produced the original Starman, will also produce the remake.

It was just a few weeks ago at Toronto ComiCon that Karen Allen, who co-starred with Jeff Bridges in Starman, spoke about the odds of revisiting the film for a sequel. “Everyone wants us to do that sequel, they want to know who that baby is, they want the baby to come back and save the planet from all the horrible things that are going on with the little ball in his hand,” she said. “I think there is some, unfortunately, difficult problems with the rights to the material, it’s more difficult than one would want to talk about.”

Guess they worked it out. Still, the announcement that that they’re working on a Starman remake is no assurance that there will be a Starman remake. About five different directors have been attached to the Escape from New York remake with just as many potential Snake Plisskens. It may be a long time before we see this, but we’ll keep you posted when and if we do.

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