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Have you gotten hooked on the latest vehicle in the CW’s Arrowverse?  It got off to a rocky start, sure, but is definitely starting to make up for the cringes and uncomfortable that accompanied the first few episodes.  Now, after a short two week hiatus, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is back for its ninth episode.  The last episode saw the gang getting separated into two groups as some were left behind in Harmony Falls, Oregon circa 1958 when the others were set upon by the time bounty hunter Kronos.  Lots of twists and turns face both sects of the team in this chapter, with some major revelations and realizations in store for everyone involved.  It’s never a dull moment amid the times hip Waverider, or its jump ship, for that matter.

Interested?  Read on for more!  But beware of spoilers.


As a quick recap, the Legends traveled to 1958 shortly after Leonard presumably took Mick into the middle of nowhere and killed him for betraying the rest of them.  They were on the hunt for Vandal Savage, as there were reports of missing teenagers and a possible serial killer in the quiet town of Harmony Falls, Oregon.  Turns out, Vandal was using a meteorite similar to the one that created Kendra’s hawk powers to experiment on young men.  Essentially, he was turning them into half bird, half man creatures bent on wrecking havoc and killing people.  After defeating Vandal and bringing a little 21st century liberation to the backwards town, they all prepared to leave.  Sarah, Ray and Kendra had some loose ends to tie up, though, and took a little longer to get back to the ship.  In their absence, the ship was set upon by Kronos, the indefatigable bounty hunter bent on capturing the team.  In order to save the ship, Rip takes off with the three stragglers still on the ground, leaving them “left behind” as the episode’s title so aptly describes.

This new episode picks up right as the ship is leaving.  Kronos seems to be more bent on killing those aboard the time ship than he is on capturing them.  However, he does manage to grab Leonard and runs off with him.  Rip, Stein, and Jax are torn between going after him and saving those still in 1958.  Because they know where their stranded friends are, though, and have no idea where Kronos is hiding Snart, they go back to Harmony Falls.  However, the ship is damaged and cannot properly navigate time, so instead of landing in 1958, they don’t actually get there until 1960.

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Ray, Kendra, and Sarah, meanwhile, have given up on their friends coming back for them.  They’re not sure if they’ve been forgotten or if the others are dead, but because when you have a time ship you should never be late, it is assumed the rescue wagon isn’t coming.  Ray, as the ever cheerful golden boy, can’t fully give up hope, though.  He works around the clock for 10 weeks to create a time beacon, but it doesn’t seem to work.  Sarah finally gets fed up with the town and sets out to find someplace she belongs (aka Nanda Parbat and The League of Assassins…old habits die hard apparently, even when you’ve already died yourself).  The other two play the happy couple.  Ray becomes a college professor and teaches Bill Gates’ dad, while Kendra takes a librarian position.  They are happily celebrating their “second anniversary” with a quaint little picnic, and Ray is all ready to really propose, when his time beacon starts chirping as Rip and the others swoop in to save them.  They are pleased and surprised to see their friends again, since they had finally managed to give up all hope.  Kendra adjusts to her old life better than Ray.  He had gotten used to 1960 and living with the woman he loves, building a life with her.  He isn’t pleased to see her happily give it all up to be back on the ship.

While Kendra and Ray are being saved, Snart is handcuffed on Kronos’ ship.  He pokes at Kronos, trying to get the bounty hunter to explain why he’s the one who has been taken.  To create more of an impact, Kronos decides to show him instead of telling him.  He takes off his mask to reveal that he is none other than (gasp!) Mick.  It seems Snart did not kill his friend in the frozen wilderness after all.  He left him, sure, but swears he had every intention of coming back for him.  Apparently the Time Masters beat him to it, though.  After nearly going mad and starving to death, the Time Masters found him, saved him, and trained him to be the bounty hunter Kronos.  And now he is on both an assignment and vengeance mission to capture and/or kill the Legends.


As Snart is trying to escape from his former friend, the rest of the team has finally figured out where Sarah is hiding, and chart a course for Nanda Parbat.  They are prepared to swoop in, save her, and swing out, but Sarah isn’t on the same page.  She has reverted to the old Sarah and is loyal to Ra’s al Ghul again.  She sounds the alarm and members of the League rush to capture the Legends.  Ra’s imprisons them and plans to kill them, but Rip asks for trial by combat.  The gang is distraught by Sarah’s behavior, but Rip explains the phenomenon called “time drift” which occurs when one spends too long in an alien time stream.  They lose connection with their old self.  Kendra admits that she was suffering from the same problem; her powers have gone dormant and she has begun to forget her past lives.   At the trial, Sarah agrees to fight for Ra’s, and Kendra volunteers to fight for the team, despite her dormant powers.  Predictably, however, when up against her powerful friend, Kendra’s powers reappear and she hawks out.  She is still no match for a fighter as skilled as Sarah, though, but just as Sarah is about to kill her, Kendra reminds her that she is the White Canary and doesn’t really want to kill anyone.  Sarah backs off in time for Kronos’ epic entrance.  Cue major fight sequence.

Image LGN109C_0541b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary and Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The team join forces to defeat Kronos, while Snart completes his escape plan.  He manages to freeze his handcuffed hand with his cold gun, and then smashes his frozen hand to smithereens.  What a badass!  He charges into the fight scene and stops his teammates from killing his friend, telling them to take off Kronos’ mask.  Firestorm does, and the team is shocked to discover that their former teammate is now their pursuant enemy.  Instead of killing him, they take him into custody with the hopes of reforming him.  Sarah, who has been released by Ra’s, is especially on board with this plan, because she needs to believe you can be unbrainwashed.  Afterward, Ray and Kendra clear things up and kiss face, while Snart’s hand is regenerated by Gideon and the CW special effects team.  Once everyone is assembled, Rip announces their next stop is 2147, a turbulent time mere decades before Savage conquers the world.


Mick is back!  Hooray!  Of course, it was pretty clear good ol’ Lenny didn’t kill him.  He’s his best, maybe only, friend, and Leonard had just begun showing his heart of gold.  But still, it is good to see him back on the show, even if he’s now their enemy.  Makes one wonder how long it will be until Carter reenters the picture.  Maybe they’ll save that for the season finale.  Ray and Kendra are way too cozy for the CW.  It’s not a real CW show without at least one love triangle floating around.

So the gang is off to 2147.  Because Rip is from the future, and we know that his wife and son were killed at some point before the height of Vandal Savage’s power, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that Rip is sending his team on a rescue mission.  Now that they have failed to truly stop Savage numerous times, maybe he is scrapping that part of the plan in favor of directly saving his family.  Makes sense, and you can’t fault the man.  But there are still seven episodes left this season, and therefore plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.  So stay tuned!

Check out next week’s episode, “Progeny”, airing Thursday at 8pm EST on the CW.

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