Zack Snyder, director for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tweeted out an apology to fans early today, explaining that the cut of the movie released to theaters was actually all a big mistake. An April Fool’s Day prank that snowballed out of his control. Apparently he didn’t realize the mistake in the prank’s dates until after all the negative reviews started to roll in. The problem was, he was too embarrassed at first to admit he had somehow changed the calendar date on his Apple watch to an old, incorrect calendar when planning this elaborate prank.

Here’s the series of tweets from Snyder that explain much, but not all, of what went wrong.




snyder tweet 66

Well, that explains a lot of the critical complaints about the movie. While trying to verify this early this morning, NerdBastards came across this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Red Carpet photo, look closely at the far left of the photo.

cranston prank

Holy crap that is Bryan Cranston! Now that is some serious prank commitment. Cranston had to be in on it from the beginning over three years ago, but this NerdBastard wonders if Jesse Eisenberg knew anything about the prank at all. He seemed to take the role so seriously in the movie. At least his hair has had time to grow back, imagine if he had found out right after they shaved his head. He would have been rightfully pissed off.

Snyder seems to be hinting that Cranston’s scenes are not a shot for shot replacement, but new material. One can only assume that Cranston’s Lex Luther will get a dream sequence or two. Everyone loves movies with a ton of dream sequences.

We’ve got to hand it to Snyder, aside from the screw up in the dates, he really had us going. Imagine, the whole movie an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. Snyder is a funny guy, heck everyone must already know that from all the humor in his movies. 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are practically non-stop laugh fests.

Well, it looks like we’ll all be back in the theaters this weekend, how could we not, an almost entirely new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cut to check out with Bryan Cranston as Lex, how could you pass on seeing that?

Wait a minute… could Snyder just be doing the old double April Fool’s Day Prank on us? Could he just be trying to get us to buy more tickets to pad the domestic ticket sales of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? He wouldn’t do that would he?

That’s some serious Lex Luther Level diabolical stuff…

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