It’s less than a month now till Captain America: Civil War comes to a theater near you. That’s all very exciting, of course, but come on, let’s start getting those Doctor Strange teasers! We know that the Sorcerer Supreme is coming to theaters this November, but aside from a few spy pics from set and a couple of official images released by Marvel Studios earlier this year, we’ve got nothing! So when Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor show up on the streets of New York City, in costume, you’re going to make some news.

Getty Images was on the streets in NYC earlier today where Cumberbatch and Ejiofor dressed up as Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo respectively. There’s no word on what precisely they were doing, probably reshoots, but by virtue of being in New York, in broad daylight, on a Saturday, we get in these photos a really good look at Cumberbatch in costume, not to mention in action. Where is Doctor Strange running too? Take a look at the photos below.

And unless we’re mistaken, this is our first look ever at Ejiofor in costume as Mordo. Like the Strange movie costume, Mordo’s seems like a pretty decent spin on the classic comic book Mordo so stylistically things are looking good for the movie. Aside from the costume talk though, you’ve got to wonder what Strange and Mordo are doing in these images. Are they fighting together? Is this before they become adversaries, or maybe they’re forced to team up to defeat a greater adversary. Dormammu perhaps?

Doctor Strange will be in theaters everywhere on November 4.

Source: Getty Images

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