Just as everyone has their favorite Batman (probably Michael Keaton or Christian Bale, depending on your age), everyone also has their favorite Joker. That’s probably either Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger. Who knows? Maybe soon it will be Jared Leto. What? Come on, don’t laugh at that. At least give the guy a chance. Anyway, for children of the 90s, there are a couple other actors who rank highly as great incarnations of the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. They would be Mark Hamill (perhaps better known as Luke Skywalker) and Kevin Conroy, who first began their roles as two of DC‘s most recognizable characters on Batman: The Animated Series. As a treat to fan everywhere, the two actors are back to voice what is perhaps the most popular story involving the Caped Crusader and the Ace of Knaves, Alan Moore‘s 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke. Check out the new trailer for this exciting project below!

Not too shabby, eh? The choice to show many of the scenes without any sound other than the suspenseful music on top was a bit awkward at times, but other than that the movie looks cool! Did you notice at about :20 when the Gotham Storage sign behind Batman malfunctioned and the T and O shorted out, leaving only Gotham’s Rage behind the Bat? Clever, clever. Fans of Moore’s novel will also easily pick out a number of things directly from the source material, from the iconic image of a cackling Joker holding his hair to a glimpse of the Red Hood to the shots of Batgirl and a hint of the climactic scene where the Joker is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a camera.

It’s also exciting to see that Hamill and Conroy are back together again. Since their work in the early 90s, they’ve gone on to portray the characters in a number of animated movies, TV shows, and video games, including the critically acclaimed Arkham series. Expect to hear their voices in The Killing Joke when it’s released on video in July of this year.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for The Killing Joke?

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