There’s an interesting rumor starting to make the Internet rounds that Marvel‘s CCO (Chief Creative Officer) Joe Quesada had a hidden cameo in Netflix‘s Daredevil Season 2 finale, an Easter Egg if you will. Rich Johnston over at BleedingCool is reporting that sources have revealed that Quesada was one of The Hand Ninjas on the roof. Can you pick him out?daredevilroftop

(*I’m putting money on that third guy from the right…)

Now no one would expect Quesada to be one of the back flipping jump around like crazy fighting guys, but they do have that scene where they all pose ninja style. Perhaps Quesada was one of those quickly taken down by the Punisher’s sniper rifle?


That’s a pretty cool way to be involved in the series. This makes me wonder what other hidden stand ins might be lurking in past episodes. Who knows, maybe Quesada has another Marvel artist or editor standing right next to him in some ninja PJs.

Via: Bleedingcool

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