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After last week’s cliff hanger, fans were particularly wigged over this week’s episode. Does Daryl die? Will Negan use Lucille to end him? Will it be Carol? How about Glen? What is wrong with Maggie and the baby? So many questions. The anticipation for this season’s finale is unlike anything fans have witnessed or felt for quite some time. There are spoilers galore so please, if you don’t want the episode to be ruined, if you haven’t seen it yet or you are still dealing with the emotions from the episode, turn back now. Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1.



So the highly anticipated 90 minute season finale starts with the creepy whistling that Dwight likes to use. Then fans get to see Morgan find the missing horse from last week’s episode. Yes, that horse. After that, Carl and Enid have an argument over protecting Alexandria. Enid wants to go with Carl and the rest of the crew taking Maggie to Hilltop to see the doctor. Carl wants her to stay behind, but Enid is determined to go. As is Eugene. The Saviors make an appearance by beating up some dude in the woods. Apparently this guy had decided to fight back against the Saviors. Gabriel speaks to Rick about the defense of Alexandria. He also speaks about the protection of Judith in the case of an attack. Enid gets locked into a closet by Carl, to protect her against leaving.

Major flashback to season one as Morgan is seen riding into town on a horse. He finds Carol bleeding out on the steps of a store. Flash back to the Saviors. They have a guy from the library beat and on the side of the road. When he asks what they are doing, the answer is making an example of him. They are waiting for someone, presumably Rick and the group.

Once again Aaron is taking the roll of father figure and friend of Maggie. The crew heads to Hilltop in the RV hoping to get help for Maggie. During that time, Aaron is by her side. The crew comes to a road block by the Saviors in the road and have to stop to keep from hitting them. Rick tries to negotiate with them. The deal the Saviors are offering is safe passage for all but one in exchange for all the stuff Rick and the crew have. Of course, Rick tells him there is no deal. Rick asks, “Do you want today to be your last day on Earth?” The response is to remember that it could be Rick’s last day as well.

Back to the heavy breathing and weird sounds but no visual. Then, the RV stopped on the road. Aaron and Carl are having a conversation about why each came along. One because he owes Maggie, one because he owes them all. Carol and Morgan are camped out in some sort of office. Morgan is determined to get Carol back to Alexandria, but she continues to refuse to return. She keeps trying to make Morgan understand why she can’t go back, she doesn’t want to kill anymore, so she can’t return. Morgan’s argues that she will die on her own, and that he won’t let that happen. Carol pulls a gun and tells him to leave her. The gun doesn’t send him packing. She tells him that there is a price and she isn’t willing to pay it anymore.

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Abraham decides driving down the road, eluding Saviors and trying to get Maggie to a doctor is the best time to ask Sasha if she would be willing to have a child. She reciprocates the question and his answer is yes. When they turn the bend in the road, there are Saviors waiting. They decide to elude this group as well. The lead Savior opens fire, but shoots into the air, like a warning to others somewhere that once again Rick’s group is avoiding confrontation. How do these Saviors know that they would need a doctor? Are they just staking out the roads to Hilltop knowing that Rick and the group will eventually head back there for supplies as per the deal?

Morgan goes outside of the office to scout, making sure security is taken care of for the night. He discovers a Walker that apparently hung himself from the antenna tower. Once he dispatches him, he cuts the walker down, presumably for burial. He heads back in to locate Carol, who has disappeared. She is not in the location that he left her, and she chained the front gate. Morgan hops on the horse and takes off after her yet again. Maybe he should take a hint.

Abraham and Rick discuss the fact that the Savior is a large group. Once again the RV is stopped by a road block, but this time it is Walkers. The crew discover that the walkers have a few belongings from the crew. One walker has Michonne’s hair attached while another has several of Daryl’s arrows. Just as the group is preparing to dispatch the walkers, Saviors appear and start shooting. Rick manages to dispatch the walkers and end the road block while under fire. The group heads to the RV and back on the road to Hilltop.

The group is stressing in the RV. Gas is low, the RV is making messed up sounds and there are bullet holes in the side. Top that off with the fact that Maggie is burning up and Rick is holding chunks of Michonne’s hair, Rick looks like he is headed down the path of psycho. As the RV turns the corner, fans get to see a pyramid of Saviors.

rick and walkers

Morgan is still hunting Carol who is trying to avoid killing both zombies and humans. She blocks one walker in a dumpster, and has one come at her from the side. Just as it looks like the walker is going to get the better of her, she manages to dispatch it. Then has to deal with the surviving Savior from the road block that she mowed down with her sleeve gun. He is on his last few breathes, much like Carol seems to be. He lets her know that she is going to lay there and die slow just like all his buddies did, then shoots her in the arm.

More creepy voices, minimal light and sounds. Maggie is very pale and sweating badly. Rick tries to convince her that she and the baby are going to be fine. Maggie’s response is “I believe in you, Rick.” Carol is happy that she is about to die, confusing the Savior that is tracking her. He decides to shoot her in the leg for her joy in death. He wants to know if she thinks she suffered enough and her answer is ‘probably not.’ The Savior walks away while Carol begs him for death. As he turns back to kill her, Morgan stops him and tells him to drop the gun. He decides not to drop the gun, takes aim at Carol and Morgan kills him. Carol once again begs Morgan to let her go. Morgan meets two new strangers, both in body armory and one on a horse, who offer help for Carol.

Rick and the crew discover yet another road block. This time logs that are over ten feet high. While trying to determine what to do about the block, the dude from the woods is thrown over a bridge and hanged. While the crew is focusing on him, the Saviors set fire to the logs. Savior number one from the beginning asks if Rick is treating his people well. Eugene devises a plan on how to get Maggie to Hilltop. He explains that the Saviors are looking for the RV, not the people inside it. When the sun sets, Eugene takes the RV as a distraction so that the rest can get Maggie to Hilltop. Eugene gives Rick the recipe to building bullets and tells him that Abraham can show him where just in case. Abraham and Eugene have a bromance moment as they say their good byes. Maggie is brought out on a stretcher to be carried through the woods by Rick, Abraham and the rest of the group.  Eugene says a prayer and heads off in the RV to distract the Saviors.

The group has to dispatch several walkers through the woods, including one with a log through its stomach. As they are walking through the woods, the creepy whistling starts again. Rick and the group take off running. Unfortunately, they are met with a spotlight which shows the force of the Saviors. There are at least a hundred Saviors waiting with cars, guns, and ammo. And Eugene. Creepy Savior from the first road block once again makes an appearance. He discovers a gun on Carl, the one with the baseball bat. After taking the groups weapons and forcing Maggie off the stretcher, the group is forced to their knees.

red rover walkers

Once again with the creepy light and sound. Dwight opens a van on Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, Glen and Rosita. Enter. Negan. Prick Savior number one points out Rick as the leader. Negan continues to tell Rick how uncool it was of the group to kill his people. He explains to Rick that the new world order is “Give me your shit or I will kill you.” Negan lets Rick know that he is an employee of the Saviors and he will swallow that pill, like it or not. After lining up the group and talking for an ungodly amount of time, Negan selects the group member to meet Lucille. However, fans will have to wait until October to figure out who Negan choses.

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Holy anxiety and panic attack. Well, fans at least know that Daryl survived the gun shot. But now, did he survive Lucille? Damn there are more questions than answers after the finale. Fans do not know who Negan chose, Maggie is still looking like death warmed over, without actually being a walker. Glen was a hot mess at the end, seeing Maggie in such a state, then seeing Negan mention using Lucille on her, begging for his and her life and being completely unable to do anything for the situation. Rick seemed to shrink in on himself. For the first time, Rick is at a point in the apocalypse where he is helpless to solve the problem. He can’t take on the Saviors alone, he can’t save Carl and the group is about to lose one of its members. It is most likely that Rick will head down a dark path for next season, provided he isn’t the one who met Lucille. The hints point that it isn’t him. Negan tells the Saviors to cut out the kid’s other eye and feed it to his dad if anyone tries to stop him from beating in mystery group member’s head. So it could be safe to say it wasn’t either Carl or Rick. Of course, that could be a misinterpretation of what was said.

Hats off to Jeffrey Dean Morgan on his introduction as Negan. While his character is supposed to be the worst enemy the group has faced, he is also very charismatic. It is possible that he will be the most liked enemy in the history of the Walking Dead. Morgan is very good at playing strong, charismatic characters and Negan will be no different.

Who did Morgan and Carol meet? Fans know that Morgan found the guy’s horse and that both the horses and men seem to be well taken care of, so who are they? Where did they come from? Will this turn out to be another Terminus or Woodbury? Will these people help Morgan and Carol save Rick and the group? Will Morgan and Carol just turn their backs on the group and go their own way?

Has Maggie officially miscarried the baby, which is now infected her with the walker virus? The fever seems to be an indicator that she is turning. Of course it could just be the flu too. Only the doctor at Hilltop with his ultrasound machine can give fans, and Maggie, the answers. That is, of course, assuming she isn’t the one who made out with Lucille.

There are so many unanswered questions and a long time between now and October. Needless to say that fans will be anticipating the season premiere almost as much as the season finale. It definitely promises to be just as eventful.

“Last Day on Earth.” overall grade – A+ for panic and anxiety inducing stress!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns in the fall on AMC

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