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With Man of Steel and Batman v Superman now completed and Suicide Squad coming this summer, DC Entertainment is continuing to build their cinematic universe.  After next year’s Wonder Woman, the  next film on their slate is Justice League Part 1 (currently beginning production).  Many fans saw Batman v Superman filled with many Easter Eggs in the movie that seems to hint at an eventual confrontation with DC’s main baddie Darkseid. Not so fast…

Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez revealed during his Heroic Insider YouTube show that the potential bad guy for the first Justice League movie is not Darkseid, but will possibly be the people of Atlantis.  With the introduction of Aquaman during Batman v Superman, it’s no surprise that his people would be a big part of the DC Universe going forward.

At this point, this is a rumor, but Heroic Hollywood (especially Gonzalez) is notoriously famous for getting elite scoops for many superhero movies that time and time again have proven to be true, so  many fans should pay close attention to this for the time being.  There was a previous rumor that the people of Atlantis would be angry at the Surface World for the events of Man of Steel when the Kryptonian World Builder was being used in the Indian Ocean as part of General Zod’s planetary  terraforming plan.  It would make sense that they would want to enact revenge against the surface dwellers because there’s no telling how that event impacted the ocean during that film.

Even during the Aquaman cameo in Batman v Superman, Aquaman reacted to Lex Luthor’s underwater camera with  hostility and destroyed it with his Trident weapon.  Gonzalez also explained that in the comic book, the  people of Atlantis and Amazon (Wonder Woman’s people) have never had a great relationship and that  animosity would probably extend to the two Justice League characters as well.  With an Aquaman film coming in 2018, might we even see a potential Amazonian/Atlantean war as well?

One cool thing about this is that this means that Batman will get a Bat-Submarine!

Justice League Part 1 will premiere November 17, 2017

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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