The Return of the Fastest Mouse in All Mexico

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In our age of reboots, remakes and sequels it seems another property will be soon be  added to the list. Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all Mexico, for those of us who may remember , is on the fast track at Warner Bros. The reboot is set to be an animation only movie; which is a step up from the previous iteration involving George Lopez which was to be a live action/animation hybrid. Even with a new voice behind Speedy – the Mexican director and actor Eugenio Derbez the question still remains…..  Do we need this movie to happen?
This new Speedy which is being touted as a heist caper, is supposed to be an origin story. How much of an origin we really need on a Mexican mouse is yet to be seen. However, producer, Dylan Sellers is claiming the movie will set Speedy up as a modern day Robin Hood.

Given how well the recent versions of Robin Hood have been *cough cough Russell Crowe cough cough* how bad could a cartoon mouse possibly be? After all, the cartoon fox Robin Hood was probably one of the better versions we’ve seen.

In past Looney Tune adventures Speedy has caught some flack for being borderline, at the very least, offensive. Sellers is further claiming that as Donald Trump gains momentum in the polls, the public needs a character like Speedy Gonzales more than ever. If bringing poor
Speedy into the American political stage is the selling point for this movie we may not have too much to hope for with this latest remake. At least it may piss off Donald Trump, that has to count for something!

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