Initially, not even Arrow insiders were sure who would be in the ominous “Mystery Grave” glimpsed at the end of the Season 4 premiere. With the tell-tale episode “Eleven Fifty-Nine,” written by executive producer Marc Guggenheim and Keto Shimizu mere hours from airing, it’s safe to say they know who’s in the ground by now. Unfortunately, thanks to some paparazzi snaps, fans might already know who it is as well.  We’ll give you the full story- but none of the spoiler pictures!  You can choose what you do with the info.  We trust you.  Kind of.As stated, who’s death would be dealt on the show was up in the air for a while.  Guggenheim explained to TV Line:

“We started off this year with the promise of a death, and when we worked our way through our various creative choices, we realized that the thing that will give us the most pop going into the end of the season, into next season, unfortunately would be [the character]. Arrow, much more so than Flash or Legends [of Tomorrow], traffics in death. We started off the series with the apparent death of Sara Lance and the actual death of Robert Queen, and a hero who murdered people. For better or for worse, death is part of the show. And what we’re now finding is that the concept of death — as it should, by the way, when you are pushing into Season 5 – has to evolve, it has to change.”

So it’s understandable that Guggenheim was more than a bit bummed when paparazzi snapped some pics from the funeral scene and spoiler-hungry fans did their own detective work to deduce who ended up 6 feet under. Here’s what he had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“I just look at these paparazzi as they’re ruining the party for everybody,” Guggenheim continues, stressing that the show attempts to protect their secrets with extra precautions. “Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with a cemetery, we have to go out on location,”

“We have to be out in the world. We can’t produce the show just on our soundstages. We have extra on-set [production assistants] patrolling. We try to put things up to block people. It does happen and it just sucks.”

All that careful work, planning and production- and then to potentially have everything spoiled by some nosy-bodies.  You really can’t help but feel gutted for Guggenheim and co.  It’s good to see who’s on the other side of spoilers every once in a while, just to remind fans that these people work really hard to create these worlds and stories for you.  To cheat them out of the surprise element of the culmination of their hard work all season is pretty sucky.

Arrow airs Wednesday night on The CW.

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