A cult phenomenon, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure has not lost any of its popularity since it was first released. Its sequel, released two years later, turns 25 in July of 2016, and fans have been clamouring for another instalment in the Wyld Stallyns’ adventures ever since.

Hints of a third film came from a reputable source as early as 2010, when Keanu Reeves, beloved as Ted Theodore Logan, suggested that writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon were working on a new script. In 2011, Reeves went so far as to describe the film as “close to happening” and Alex Winter – who portrayed his esteemed colleague, Bill S Preston – tweeted in the same year that the script was finished.

Still, nothing came of these rumours. Over the years, more familiar names became attached to the new project. Reeves and Winter consistently teased in various interviews with dropped comments about redrafted scripts and continual progress in other pre-production areas.

Despite these tantalising glimpses, still nothing came of it.

In an interview with Forbes in 2016, Alex Winter revealed that a script, director and studio were finally all ready to proceed. He claimed that filming could begin as early as the end of this year, though was more likely to happen in the first few months of 2017.

In all the rumours that have circulated around Bill and Ted 3 in the past six years, there is little can be said for certain about the new film.

It has been said that the team have tried to get Eddie Van Halen to drop in for a cameo. Some have suggested that the time travel theme will return, along with our old friends Socrates and Billy the Kid.

Some of the most recent whispers have it that the film will see Bill and Ted caught in a midlife crisis, still struggling to compose that song destined to bring about world peace.

While Reeves and Winter have both been enthusiastic from the start about a new film, Winter said in his interview with Forbes that there would indeed be some other familiar faces returning to the set. Though he did not reveal who, William Sadler expressed an interest way back in 2011, though whether this is still the case and whether he will be reprising his role as the Grim Reaper is yet to be confirmed.

Sadly, fans have missed out on the opportunity to see Rufus again, following George Carlin’s death of heart failure in 2008.

Even if only a tiny handful of these rumours are true, a third Bill and Ted movie could come far sooner than expected.

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