Freeform, the former ABC Family network is amping up their superhero line up aimed at a much younger crowd. Just the other day Freeform announced the development of Marvel‘s Cloak and Dagger, now they’ve brought back a fan favorite from across the pond, Misfits. If you haven’t heard of Misfits, then you’re in for a treat, the show is a lot of fun and the musical soundtrack is an incredible mix that will open your eyes to a number of fantastic British bands and musicians. misfits2_thumb20

Here’s the original Misfits series synopsis:

Five juvenile offenders with nothing in common find themselves working together on a community service project, and their differing personalities soon cause sparks to fly. But that’s nothing compared to what happens when a freak electrical storm hits town. Shortly thereafter, they find that they are developing superpowers. Paranoid Kelly can now hear the thoughts of others, while Simon, who has always been overlooked, can suddenly make himself invisible. Curtis can turn back time, while Alisha finds that anyone who touches her will lust after her. Nathan, to his chagrin, seems to have suffered no aftereffects of the storm. Now, on top of dealing with the realities of teenage life and finishing their service project, they must figure out how to handle their new abilities and find out just what, if anything, they are expected to do with them.

This isn’t the first attempt to bring the British series to the States. Back in 2011, Josh Schwartz, the writer and producer of Chuck, took a swing at Misfits. The plan had Schwartz and Misfits creator Howard Overman working together on a pilot script to shop around back in 2012.

Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out, but now Freeform has picked up the Misfits ball and running with it. Here’s the announcement blurb:


A drama based on a hit British series, a group of twentysomethings are exposed to a mysterious chemical and subsequently develop peculiar superpowers. The series is from ABC Signature Studios and executive produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Hmm, seems that there’s a slight change in the characters ages, but hopefully, we’ll still get some great music and Schwartz can capture that Misfits magic.

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