‘Wolverine 3’ Casts Its Lead Villain

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Hugh Jackman has now dominated the world of comic book movies in his role as Wolverine for seventeen years. 2017 will see what looks to be his final portrayal of the crass, clawed superhero.  Leaving such an epic legacy in his wake, it seems only fair that this last film see Jackman pitted  against a truly monstrous foe and finish in a blaze of glory equal to the long journey preceding it.

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Known best for his portrayal of Agent Steve Murphy in Netflix’ drug cartel drama Narcos, Boyd Holbrook is now tipped to step into the role of the leading villain opposite Hugh Jackman’s  Wolverine in the final film in the eponymous standalone trilogy.

The script was written by David James Kelly and the film is due to start shooting in May of this year, in time for a spring release in 2017.

While a lot of the theories floating around about the details of the plot remain largely conjecture and speculation, the movie is reportedly planned to be rated R upon released. The studio claims that this has nothing to do with the resounding success met by Deadpool.

This rating will allow Jackman to flourish as the often crude and callous Wolverine, and will also provide Holbrook with the scope to make his character seriously evil. The villain is said to be an original character, unknown so far in the Marvel universe. He is described as the head of security for  a global business, relentless and intense, a cold and calculating force for evil in a ravaged world.

According to the most recent discussions surrounding the plot, the new movie will be based on the Old Man Logan arc written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steven McNiven in the Wolverine comic books. Famously one of the darkest story arcs Marvel ever produced, the story is set in a dystopian  future. It follows a retired Wolverine as he is sucked into an adventure that throws him to the mercy  of dozens of tyrannical supervillains.

Because of the way character rights have been distributed between Fox and Sony, the original comic  series is expected to offer only a loose foundation for the film. This could be, in part, the reason  behind creating a mysterious original villain for Holbrook to play. Though it may mean making a  break from established comic canon, it leaves plenty room for both Holbrook and Jackman to really  make their mark on this particular story.

The fundamental details of the oft somewhat grim original give the studio a great basis to play  around with that R rating and it will be interesting to see the direction the movie takes.

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