Far from a new idea, a film of The Goon comic series was first launched on Kickstarter in 2012. It was planned to be a feature length animated production based on Eric Powell‘s fifty comic series. It seemed to have a fair amount of steam behind it, too, with over 7,500 fans raising almost $450,000 to put towards it. The project even attracted the attention of big names including David Fincher of House of Cards.

Since then, though, production has not proceeded as quickly as backers, or anyone on the team, had hoped. Little has been revealed since the teasers were aired at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and updates on the Kickstarter page have been sporadic over the past four years.

The money raised went towards the creation of an 85 minute long animatic that was shown to studios. While it is claimed that many of them enjoyed it, none of them were prepared to fund a full production of it.

Now, however, Deadpool director and driving force behind the film Tim Miller has not lost hope that The Goon might still get the attention it deserves.

The influnce that Miller has garnerned following the overwhelming popularity of Deadpool is giving his vision more support in Hollywood circles. Deadpool‘s success has acted as proof of the marketability, from a studio’s perspective, of not just Miller’s talent but also the potential of the more lesser known comic characters, whose cult followings are more than enough to skyrocket profits.

Unlike Deadpool, The Goon is designed as a PG-13 release, so has the potential to reach a much wider audience. However, it will share some similarities with Miller’s recent work.

Part of what has given it such a following, for instance, is its ironically self aware sense of humour. This, combined with its dark style and its equally rich heart, has certainly convinced fans. Miller says he thinks that the success of Deadpool proves that audiences are ready for the movies like The Goon.

For all this positive news, there is still no way of knowing just when backers can expect a return on their investment. No deadline has been set or even hinted at. Some sources suggest that it may continue to take a backseat for the time being while Miller focuses on projects such as Deadpool 2.

For now, though, it is at least a relief to hear that the project is still in the works and it will definitely be worth keeping an eye on how it unravels after such a long wait.

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