Gears of War 4 – Fenix Reborn

April is looking to be a busy month for Xbox and the much-loved franchise Gears of War. News is finally starting to filter down to the masses in regard to long anticipated Gears of War 4. The military/horror action game was a solid hit in 2006, and gamers everywhere were quickly drawn to the war-torn hero Marcus Fenix. Two sequels spawned relatively speedily in 2008 and 2011;a prequel of sorts appeared in 2013 but fans have been waiting for a proper follow-up for years. 2015’s E3 convention brought word that Gears of War 4 would arrive soon and focus on the son of Marcus. A teaser trailer is finally here, in true GoW fashion, with a haunting cover song to set the mood.


GoW 4 is taking up 25 years after its’ predecessor and we meet JD Fenix on the family homestead. A beautifully tragic cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence (extremely well done by the usually hard rocking strong>Disturbed) sets the scene for the carnage which is sure to come. The Locust Horde is invading again, along with new enemies which are so far only known as The Swarm. It would seem that JD will have to take up the mantle, or perhaps more accurately the buzzsaw, left behind by his father. A few of our favorite weapons and a familiar sense of foreboding put players right back into the world of Sera like we never left.

Sunday evening’s teaser is expected to be only the first, so keep your eyes and ears out for another preview coming soon from GoW developer, The Coalition. Gears of War 4 will be exclusive to Xbox One and releases on October 11, 2016. Two player splitscreen, always a highlight in the realm of GoW, will be fully supported in all modes; and for players of the Ultimate Edition a multiplayer beta is arriving soon. Next week the beta will launch and be available to players of the Ultimate Edition, who have played on either the Xbox One or PC – as long as they’ve been played by today – April 11th 2016. Gamers get those Ultimate Editions out of storage and get ready to fight the Horde!


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