As the highest grossing X-Men film to date, it’s pretty safe to assume that Deadpool isn’t going to have any trouble raking in the profits when it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray at the beginning of May. If anyone was in any doubt, then the heaps of praise the film received at the MTV Movie Awards on April 9th should have dispelled any doubts.

Still, just in case anyone was in two minds about picking up a home release, the studio felt the need to give us a cheeky glimpse of what we can expect from the bonus features the discs will include, just to remind us how much we want it. The deleted scene they have released can definitely be described as tantalising.

It offers the Deadpool equivalent of your typical superhero training montage. At nearly a minute and a half long, it follows Deadpool through his various fighting regimes, finding the inspiration for and refining the design of his costume and even rescuing an unfortunate kitty who was stuck up a tree.

Of course, being Deadpool, it also shows him shooting people in the head, throwing back shots and lotioning up for some alone with his unicorn bed beddy, all to a soundtrack of self-indulgent, curse peppered rap music.

From what is included it the scene, it’s fair to say it’s understandable why the studio chose to cut it. It doesn’t really add anything more to the plot of the movie, for instance. But it’s certainly not lacking in the kind of action, excitement and humour that made Deadpool so popular.

If the rest of the special features are anything like as entertaining as this, then it looks like fans can expect some great stuff from the exclusives when the home release hits the shelves.

*Update: Well shit. That didn’t last long. Did you see the dancing Deadpools last night?

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