black mirror

The announcement in September 2015 that Netflix would be taking over UK satirical drama Black Mirror left fans across the world wondering what this could mean for the show. Originally broadcast in Great Britain by Channel 4 from 2011, it presented an image of a dystopian Britain that harshly critiqued many of the flaws in modern western society. Each episode was completely different, with an all new cast and storyline, leaving viewers to piece the world together as the series progressed.

From the first time he saw it, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is said to have loved the show. The original two seasons and Christmas special were added to Netflix at the end of 2014. The broadcaster was quick to compete with Channel 4 when they got a chance at the rights to future episodes.

Given the show’s very distinct character, this change of hands raised concerns with some fans about how it could change the series.

It has already been confirmed that a number of American actors have got involved with the new season, including Bryce Dallas Howard from Jurassic World and Alice Eve from Star Trek: Into Darkness. Whether or not there would be any more changes that may distance it from its very English original series has been a matter of debate among fans.

Talking to British newspaper The Independent, Sarandos put many of those fears to rest. He praised original producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones highly, describing them as “visionary storytellers”. He promised that they would have “complete creative control” over the future of the show, with Brooker writing all twelve scripts for the new season. They would also benefit from a much bigger budget at Netflix, allowing them to explore more ambitious storylines.

There was also a time that it looked like Black Mirror’s native UK would be excluded from the first group of Netflix territories to see the release of the third season. This fear has also been dispelled, with Sarandos assuring fans that it will instead be released everywhere simultaneously.

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