At the end of Star Wars: Episode VII, the status of many characters were left in limbo, but the most talked about was Rey’s status as a Jedi, which is still very much in the air. The subject has become one of the burning queries of the film, and during the MTV Movie Awards Daisy Ridley gave her two cents on the character role in the series. Read more after the jump.

While talking about the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer, Ridley clarified that  Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso isn’t her character’s mother. Ridley continued to expouncd on the future of her character, Rey, and the character’s connection to The Force. This lead to the following remarks:

I don’t know if I am a Jedi… I don’t think I am. We’ve had this debate as to whether Leia is because she uses her Force powers. Just because she’s not like, ‘Oh I’m going on an adventure’ like Luke doesn’t make her any less Forceful.

If we take this statement outright, it is quite a shocking revalation.  However, at the film’s current state of affairs, Daisy Ridley’s Rey isn’t a Jedi or even a Padawan learner. She’s stuck in limbo and full of potential that could lead in different directions. So for speculation sake, her character needs to begin her journey in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII for her to even be anywhere near to being  a Jedi Master, should she earn the rank.

The traditional Star Wars pattern of growth is a Padawan becomes a Jedi Knight, and eventually a Jedi Master or a pissed off Sith Lord. Now with Kylo Ren proved the one side of the coin when it comes to turning towards the ways of the Sith in Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  and we’ll continue to see his descent to darkness, but will Rey be the means to showing the light-side. Finn is still part of the mix you know.

So as filming continues for the upcoming Star Wars films, all these lingering questions will be analyzed and scrutinized ’till there is a definitive answer. But no matter what where you stand on the matter, you can go back to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and comb through the film and all the behind the scenes for clues. Leave your thoughts below on Ridley’s comments and where you feel the film will go.

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