There’s an interesting bit of news coming out of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story production, everyone expects that our favorite Sith Lord, Darth Vader will make an appearance or two in the film set during the height of his and Emperor Palpatine’s power. Although nothing has been confirmed, James Earl Jones has been doing the Vader voice work in Star Wars: Rebels and is expected to do the same for any big screen Vader appearances. That just leaves who might wear the suit. Someone has to wear it and as David Prowse can attest, who does it could make a huge impact of how the character is perceived. The latest rumor is that six-foot seven-inch tall Spencer Wilding (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending) will be handling all on screen costumed appearances of Darth Vader.


You’ve seen Wilding in a ton of stuff and probably just didn’t recognize him under all that makeup and costumes. He’s been a number of creatures in Doctor Who, a White Walker in Game of Thrones, the Minotaur in Wrath of the Titans, and many others.

Of course his scene stealing prison guard in Guardians of the Galaxy is probably the one you might remember.

The source also says that Wilding is not only in costume, but running lines in scenes to help the other actors with timing and other actory things. This time however, unlike David Prowse, Wilding knows his voice will be replaced with James Earl Jones.

The only question left is ho9w many Bothans does Vader kill himself?

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