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Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it was a wild, future-seeing adventure that led to a few important developments. The team now knows that Ward is back, though they also realize that there’s a powerful Inhuman using his body as a host. Malick discovered that his supposed ally has his own agenda and that he may not necessarily be a part of it. And Ward continued to take steps to accomplish whatever the hell it is that he’s trying to get done. So what’s in store with ‘Paradise Lost’? Scroll on to find out.

One of the main story arcs this time revolves around Malick. We go back and forth between the present and a time nearly a half-century ago, when he and his brother were first inheriting their position in HYDRA from their deceased father. As it turns out, it was Malick’s decision to continue searching for the god-beyond-the-obelisk and now he’s seriously regretting his mistake.

In the present, Malick has to deal with the unpredictable Grant-monster coupled with a vision the HYDRA leader received from the future-seer. That vision was of his own death at the hands of his ally. What’s more, Grant shows up at Malick’s place and calls a meeting of all the remaining HYDRA big-wigs. He shows them all his true form so that there are no further questions regarding his right to lead the organization in whatever way he sees fit.

Malick, meanwhile, is just trying to stay alive. As it turns out, he did something that doesn’t impress the new Ward overlord. He’s been cheating his way through the random selection of a traveler so that he never had to go into the obelisk and become the HYDRA “god’s” next meal. He even sacrificed his brother in order to stay alive. Grant decides to exact some justice for these past crimes, though he doesn’t murder Malick. Instead, he takes the life of Malick’s daughter. And then all is well again between the two. Or as well as can be expected.

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Back with S.H.I.E.L.D., the team has a trio of goals they need to accomplish before Grant goes ballistic on the entire world. They need to find out who and what he is so that they can devise a way to defeat him. Fitz and Simmons study his victims and surmise that Grant is basically a walking bug hive that infests hosts to survive.

Daisy and Lincoln go on a separate mission to track down one of Lincoln’s old Afterlife buddies, James. The guy doesn’t have any powers, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to take them down. One fight later and they’re negotiating to get a Kree artifact from James. They also discover that the Ward-monster is ridiculously old. In fact, he led the Inhuman armies of eras gone by. He was, however, so dangerous and nasty that the Inhumans eventually betrayed him, joining with humankind to defeat him.

And the rest of team S.H.I.E.L.D. goes hunting one of Malick and Ward’s Inhuman agents, the guy with the telekinetic powers. They trick him and capture him and find some clues about what Ward’s up to in the form of some anti-invasive species experiments. HYDRA has been working to destroy these experiments, presumably because they could be used to counter Ward’s powers.

Unfortunately, the team underestimates Mr. Telekinesis. He escapes his cell, smacks the entire team around and then hijacks the S.H.I.E.L.D.-plane so that he can land it at HYDRA HQ. With the entire team captured, it’s now up to Daisy and Lincoln to figure out a way to save them. So they decide they’re going to call in all those Inhuman allies they’ve recruited over the last season.

And then there’s some other dramatic romance crap between Daisy and Lincoln, but that’s not really important.

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The episode was certainly up to par this week, providing us with a little action, some more intrigue and an expansion of the various story arcs. We’re finally getting to see more of Grant’s plan and further understand his motivations. It’s also nice to have an idea about what he truly is.

Over the course of the series, the writers have been getting a better handle on the powers of the Inhumans and it feels like they’re making them more organic and clever as of late. The usage of the powers is more creative and just the very idea of the Grant-monster being a living swarm is pretty damned cool. And, as always, Brett Dalton nails it when it comes to being a nasty, vicious villain. I only wonder at what S.H.I.E.L.D. will do once he’s finally been defeated and they have to kick the actor off the show.

I’m also really enjoying the show’s focus on Malick. I used to shrug whenever he’d pop up on screen. He did, for the most part, seem like more of a plot device than anything. But the writers have taken the time to reach deeper into the character and let us know where his power-mad compulsions have led him. He may not be a completely sympathetic character, but at least I’m now interested in what’s going to happen to the poor bastard.

The only thing that bugged me this week is the same thing that’s bugged be for the last 4 or 5 episodes – the focus on the relationship between Lincoln and Daisy. This week they gave him some generic back-story and tried to add some tension into the lackluster romance. They’re trying desperately to give Daisy a boyfriend (something that really doesn’t need to happen) and also to make Lincoln more interesting than he really is. To me, he feels like a ragey, pretty-boy – the kind you might find in a Twilight movie – and I’m kinda hoping they kill him off and replace him with something better.

Next week, ‘The Team’ brings us a full super-powered roster out to bust some heads. But – GASP! – one off them might be a traitor! Let’s hope the episode ends up being less cliché than this trailer makes it look.

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