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The original vampire film Nosferatu is set to be remade with some interesting casting and twists. The 1922 movie from F.W. Murnau is now considered a classic, even spawning Shadow of the Vampire in 2000. That film was more of “behind the scenes” look at Nosferatu, while this new film intends to remake the original, while paying homage. Nosferatu himself, Count Orlock, had an iconic look which remains haunting almost a century later. Not just any actor could step, or creep into those shoes. It’s a good thing that Doug Jones has been cast as the Count, there may be no better actor alive to capture this terrifying character.

Doug Jones is “that guy” everyone knows him from his seemingly endless list of roles. Jones has been able to convincingly show us Abe Sapien, from Hellboy, The Pale Man, of Pan’s Labyrinth, Cochise, the friendly alien from Falling Skies, as well many many others. He was also the Silver Surfer in the best forgotten Fantastic Four sequel of 2007, but no matter the film or show Jones is always worth watching and frequently the best part of whatever he’s in. Count Orlock seems a role built for him, and he’s reteaming with director David Lee Fisher whom he worked with on the remake of the fabulous The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Fisher’s Caligari remake was an artful homage to the original, and Jones’ somnambulist was eerie and poetic. We can only hope Nosferatu will follow in that vein – pun intended. Nosferatu is taking a unique turn with this remake being a mix of old and new. Fisher is said to be combining parts of the original film with newly shot material. Parts of the 1922 classic will be recreated digitally and then colorized as background while new live action scenes will be shot. It’s certainly a different take, especially in today’s market where everything vampire seems to have already been covered – and covered again. Perhaps Fisher and Jones’ embracing this idea and literally using what’s already been done can give a fresh spin on this horrifying tale.

No release date has been set, but we’ll be eagerly anticipating the first look at Jones as Orlock.

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