Ask just about any Stephen King fan, or even the man himself and you’ll hear that adaptations of King’s work are extremely uneven – and that’s putting it politely. With several King properties in the pipeline right now, television channel Spike is about to venture down that path as well. Spike is generally more well-known for reality show fare, so perhaps they’re looking to expand their horizons by picking up an order based on King’s 1980 novella The Mist.


The Mist was adapted in 2007 as a film starring Thomas Jane, and directed by Frank Darabont. Darabont is one of the very few directors to consistently bring King’s vision to life onscreen successfully after giving us The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Many thought Darabont lost his touch a bit with his take on The Mist in. In recent years it has gotten slightly better reviews but upon its’ release the bleak story-line and even bleaker ending seemed to prove that no man was immune to the King curse.

Spike is optimistic that this new take on the novel will be better received as they have bypassed the pilot option and went straight for a 10 episode series. This could mean great things for the story less time constraints than trying to pack everything into a two-hour movie. However, television series’ based on King’s works seem to be almost worse off than their cinematic counterparts. Very few have held up to the source material, or to the test of time.

Spike also doesn’t seem to be touting this as a limited series which could mean future seasons if the numbers are good. Spike would do well to remember the adventure CBS had with the amazing and then languishing series Under the Dome. Danish writer and producer Christian Torpe is executive producing as well as scripting the series. Next summer we will have to wait and see if Torpe can handle the weight of this King thriller or if he too will Mis(t) the mark.

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