TV RECAP: ‘The 100’ – S3E11 – “Nevermore”


If “Nevermore” was an eagerly anticipated episode for one reason, it was the reunion of the core group of The 100 for the first time since the *ahem* incident at Mount Weather at the conclusion of season two. Under siege, on the run, and desperate to save one of their own, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, and Sinclair try to rid Raven of A.L.I.E. once and for all and crush some very hurtful truths in the process. The episode’s focus is all about that classic line of one of The 100’s direct predecessors, Lost, for the 100 this week must confront the fact that they must live together, or die alone.

Picking up rather swiftly from where we left off last week, we catch-up with Clarke and Jasper on the run from Arkadia in the rover, and believe you me, absence did not make the heart grow fonder in the case of these two. Jasper may have savde Clarke’s life, but that doesn’t mean he can’t the see the appeal of shooting her. Meanwhile, Octavia’s not having any of Bellamy’s attempts at making up, she knows he surrendered Pike to the Grounders to have her life, not because Pike was a bad dude. But all that is quickly put aside in order to address this week’s immediate conundrum.


The teases for “Nevermore” (another sly reference to the Edgar Allen Poe poem that shares a name with one of The 100’s main characters) indicated that this was going to be the “Exorcism of Raven Reyes” and on that account it did not disappoint. As Monty and Octavia sought out an electromagnet from the Dropship to make Raven’s wristband plan work, Clarke, Bellemy and Jasper stood guard over Raven and in turn got their just desserts. Where did they get the wristband, you ask? It required a trip back to Niylah, the girl who runs the trading post that Clarke had  tryst with earlier this year, and naturally, her father was killed in *that* massacre.

I’m not sure how effective it is to constantly rub Bellamy’s face in his terrible decision making, since Bellamy seems keenly aware of how stupid he’s been, and it’s more than a little meta-textual. Look, having Bellamy side with Pike was not a horrible idea, but it was done in such a horrible fashion and built on specious reasoning. A.L.I.E./Raven made a much stronger argument for Bellamy’s shifting allegiances when she teases him that Clarke’s been back for mere moments, and he’s already taking his cues from her, “the good knight by the Queen’s side.” A.L.I.E./Raven also points out that Bellamy and Clarke pressed the button on Mount Weather together, but Clarke is the one that gets to be the Commander of Death, while Bellamy is forgotten. Direction and spite are both more compelling reasons for what when on with Bellamy than what actually happened.


A.L.I.E./Raven’s slams at Jasper and Clarke were just as sharp with Jasper taking the brunt, which is fitting because a) of his downward slide all season, and b) the fact that he rescued Raven from Arkadia to begin with. I’m not sure if we’ve ever hear why Jasper was locked up on the Ark, but A.L.I.E./Raven seemed to imply it was drug-related and suggesting that Jasper has a predilection for disappearing into chemical despair. We’ve missed the happy-go-lucky Jasper this year, but Devon Bostick‘s done well projecting Jasper’s anger and grief without it ever seeming petulant. And Jasper’s cathartic cry this week was a beautifully done, and an essential moment in a very busy episode.

Meanwhile, Jasper’s former partner-in-crime Monty got a taste of doing horrible things in the name of survival. Look, we can all agree that Monty’s mom has had a bullet coming. Whether it was having crazy eyes about rousting more traitors, or tricking her own son into giving up his friends, Monty’s mom definitely wasn’t getting a Mother’s Day gift this year. Still, it seemed a little much to taint Monty by having him execute his own mom when, under A.L.I.E. influence, she got the drop on Octavia at the Dropship, when he could have easily smacked her over the back of the head with the very pistol he shot her with. Monty’s realization at the end of the episode that maybe his mom could have been saved is meant to be a dramatic moment, but it reinforces a point that the show repeatedly hits with nearly every other character: sometimes what seems like a good decision isn’t a good decision.


Much of “Nevermore” was about wallowing in what’s past, but with another great performance by Lindsey Morgan who had to bounce back and forth between being A.L.I.E., A.L.I.E.-influenced Raven, mean-A.L.I.E.-influenced Raven, and some straight-up Linda Blair demon-possessed stuff. When Raven pulls her arm out of its socket in effort to get free from the bed she’s tied up in, she looks at Jasper and says deadpan “There is no pain in the City of Light.” which has to be The 100’s equivalent of The Exorcist’s “Your mother sucks c**ks in hell!” It’s a moment that brings the house down because even Jasper, in his state, feels the freak out.

It’s almost disappointing to think of looking back on the hour, but there was nothing truly dramatic to this episode of The 100, although I gather Monty capping his mom was supposed to be that. I expect next episode there may be more of a rake out over recent events between the characters, the priority this week was saving Raven, but the kids are far from alright. Everyone seemed way too comfortable following Clarke’s lead in spit of everything, and Clarke herself seemed a little free waving around the Flame in front of A.L.I.E./Raven, like it was just another bobble. It’s almost like she forgot its significance until Jasper went to smash it, and she screamed “It’s Lexa!” So is Clarke now a believer? That’s a question for another time.


If the point of this week’s episode was to get the band back together then mission: accomplished. I can’t fault a good coming together, and the actors were all on their game in this one. The 100 didn’t push the envelope this time out, but the show’s become known for twisting the audience with morally complex, if not outright dubious, conundrums, and by comparison, this week was pretty straightforward. I can’t say it wasn’t at least a little refreshing. Gone from A.L.I.E. now is any pretext that she’s here to help, because now that Raven is free, and has dropped the knowledge that the Flame can destroy A.L.I.E., the 100 are public enemy number one. There may be no pain in the City of Light, but now it seems that there’s no forgiveness.

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