“STAMPEDE!” was a noise that rang through school corridors, work places and streets in 1995. This was because Jumanji was universally popular with young and old alike. Robin Williams lead the cast with the likes Bonnie Hunt and a spritely Kirsten Dunst. Ever since the success of the movie there have been constant murmurings of Jumanji 2 being produced, with some sources even citing a Christmas day 2015 release. Well, you clearly know that didn’t happen but could there be a remake/sequel/reboot on the way! But with a story and cast of creatures with such magnitude who could take on the mammoth task that lies ahead in the world of Jumanji?

The pairing of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have been tipped to play the leads in the upcoming Jumanji film. They have already starred in Central Intelligence (released June 17th) together, as well as hosting the MTV Movie Awards as a double act and their chemistry and cohesion looks flawless. The other massive draw is that these are two very likeable actors! On and off screen Hart and Johnson are the golden boys of Hollywood at the minute. Kevin Hart has found a role to slip into that he plays well on a consistent basis (Ride Along & Get Hard) and Dwayne Johnson has almost shaken off The Rock’s “It doesn’t matter what your name is” persona for a family favourite and action movie regular (San Andreas, F&F, Pain & Gain.)

Both actors’ schedules are relatively full but the film has been pitched to start filming in Hawaii later this year for a 2017 release. Jake Kasdan; best known for Bad Teacher is set to direct with a stellar writing cast behind him. Only time will tell if Johnson and Hart will go forward with the project but the hope is that they do! Looking more like a reboot than a remake, are you looking forward to the new Jumanji?

Johnson and Hart star in Central Intelligence together, released June 17th!

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