Everyone loves superhero movies, right? If you’re on a site like NerdBastards, there’s a very good chance that you do. Superhero movies are now the backbone of huge movie studios. Everyone is rushing to launch their huge superhero universes as fast as possible. Gone is the John McClane and Martin Riggs everyman of yesteryear. Today’s studio tentpoles are dominated by the chosen ones, the veritable gods (or literal gods if we’re talking about Thor and Loki). Yes, superhero culture is riding high right now, which may lead some to wonder: when will it all come tumbling down? Whenever anything is doing well, haters will emerge. Thus is the nature of life. One YouTube user, I Hate Everything, has come forth to denounce superhero flicks in a scathing 16 minute video entitled I Hate Superhero Movies. Check it out below!

The video is very well done and incredibly insightful. The time zips right by as the humorous, snarky takedown of the superhero genre unfolds. While you may not agree with this man’s conclusion, it’s hard to argue with how he got there. For instance, you may not agree that Avengers: Age of Ultron was a complete failure of a movie, but it’s hard not to admit that the balance between focusing on the movie at hand and focusing on future movies could be a little more even. If there’s one takeaway for movie studios here, it’s that fans want you to experiment more and rush less. Most of the very valid problems described by I Hate Everything stem from a fear of doing something original in a rush to do something safe.

I Hate Everything should be commended for his efforts here. Paradoxically, one good thing about haters is that they’re safe. Everything is in a constant state of change, even down to the atomic level. Nothing is perfect; nothing is permanent. Perhaps haters are just ahead of the curve in this realization and their disdain for anything static or mainstream. Do haters propel civilization forward with their enlightened understanding of reality or do they merely play it safe by betting on the safest bet of them all: change?

What did you think of this video? What was I Hate Everything right about? What was he wrong about?

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