One of the biggest selling points of Deadpool was the way it was sold. The various facets of the film’s marketing plan, including a lot of participation from star Ryan Reynolds, that sent a message far and wide that this was not going to be your average superhero movie, and the audience fell for it to the tune of over three-quarters of a million dollars worldwide so far. So it should come as no surprise that the home video release of Deadpool should be equally tongue-in-cheek. The special features that will accompany the DVD and Blu-ray of Deadpool have been announced, and while they’re pretty standard, the annotated version of the poster is not.

The image lists off the various special features, which includes the usual things like audio commentaries, deleted/extended scenes, a gag reel, galleries, and a “From Comics to Screen… to Screen” feature. And although we can only imagine what it means, “Deadpool’s Fun Sack” will also be part of the set. The image though has been heavily editorialized in a way that reminds one of Deadpool’s unique opening credits sequence. Check it out below:


So knowing now what’s on the DVD and Blu-ray in terms of special features, we have to ask ourselves just how much Tim Miller will be able to say in his commentary with Rob Liefeld, and how much time Liefeld is going to dedicate to further debunking the idea that no one says the line “F**k Rob” in his cameo scene. Getting the answer to that question is almost worth the sticker price alone.

Deadpool will be available to buy at bricks and mortar stores everywhere on May 10, but you can pre-order it now at your favorite online DVD or Blu-ray retailer.

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