There was a time when a film based on a comic book character would get laughed out of Hollywood. Jump to present day and the film industry has become overly saturated with comic book films. Pretty much all of your favorite characters have, or will be racing onto the big screen in way or another as a result of the genre’s current popularity. The X-Men film franchise is partially responsible for the excitement and elevation of films based on comic book properties when the first film debuted in 2000. As soon as one mentions X-Men films, the first character that pops into your head is Wolverine. Not only is he one of comic book’s most popular characters, but he is also one of comic book film’s favorite characters. This is in no small part due to actor Hugh Jackman’s presence as our favorite mutant and that hardened six-pack doesn’t hurt either. His character has existed in pretty much all of the X-Men films (hopefully he’ll be in X-Men: Apocalypse as well) and has always been a crowd pleaser for fans of the films. However, for actor Hugh Jackman keeping in Wolverine-style shape for the 47-year-old can be taxing. Jackman indicated that the next Wolverine film (currently untitled) will be his last film. There are rumors that the film will borrow heavily from the Old Man Logan comic book storyline, and reunite him with Patrick Stewart, so it’ll be the “old school” X-Men characters/universe vs the First Class one. With Jackman bowing out of the franchise, something will be missing for fans. Who will replace the all-around badassery that Jackman had as Wolverine? What character could possibly fill in his shoes?

Rumor has it that audiences will be introduced to X-23 in the next Wolverine film.

She is essentially a female clone of Wolverine. A secretive group wanted to restart the Weapon X program that gave Wolverine his Adamantium skeleton. The group decided they wanted to clone Wolverine instead. After 22 failed attempts to clone Wolverine, they decided to make the embryo a female they were successful in creating her. Raised in captivity X-23 and trained to be ruthless, including having a “trigger scent” which when activated made her very feral and would ruthlessly kill anyone in her path. Eventually, she and the X-Men crossed paths and she met her “father” who then became a teacher for her. She since then was a valued member of the X-Men and has since taken over the mantle of Wolverine (since the original recently died in the comics).


This is a brilliant idea if done correctly. In the comic books, Wolverine was a teacher as much as he was a loner. In the films, he has mainly been either a loner or the hero of the films. With the introduction of X-23, this would allow him to first help her control her rage (as he himself did), and then train her on fighting since he is the best as what he does, and what he doesn’t isn’t very nice. If they are adapting the Old Man Logan storyline, he’ll need to play “Obi-Wan” for a new “Luke” and she would be perfect. If she grows as popular as he was, it would be a no-brainer for Fox to then start releasing films surrounding her character as well. Of course seeing the two fight each other with claws out will be iconic as well.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean that Jackman’s Wolverine doesn’t die like he did in the comics. We’ll find out in 2017.

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